What is Numerology?

Numerology is a method of prediction. It is based not just upon the belief that numbers are incredibly important in our lives, but that numbers also can be used related to letters and then further interpretation can give predictions. However there are different alphabets for different languages and these have their own interpretation. However most languages with letter systems have some similar root and so in practice common ground can be found. Numerology in the ancient world can be found in Greece. It also forms part of kabbalah. In modern numerology it often takes parts from ancient systems: but it is not itself these systems. There are many ways of interpreting the numbers attached to words.

However one common starting point is that a single digit is attached to each letter of the alphabet: no letter having a number above the number nine. Then these letters are interpreted many ways to produce a prediction about person's destiny: what they are supposed to achieve in life. Also about what sort of person they are. It can predict what a person's deepest wishes are: their hopes and dreams. It can be used to tell us the suitability of a company or product name. Numerology can also be used on a person's birth date to gain predictions from this. Numerology is an automatic style of prediction with little or no interpretation needed. Mathematics partly sprung from the belief in numerology in ancient Greece. Here is a wonderful tool based on Greece numerology which gives your Numerological Report (tells about you and your life based on numbers) when you enter your name and date of birth. Much better tool than at numerology.com

But although numerology is about numbers it stands on quite a different footing to that of modern mathematics. Although numerology seems to have a method behind it, it should not be thought of as a science. It is a method of prediction linked to occult beliefs not a scientific one. It can however lift some of the burden of decisions making by utilising its methods. It can give us something to do: it can help to pass the time. It can even be used to help us find the price for things. Numerology has been used for thousands of years and will probably exist for many more. It has a purpose for some people. For some people it is based on the belief that numbers are important and are Gods way of telling us things. However in modern numerology there are no set meanings for different letters. But systems that date back a very long time seem to be no more or less accurate. Really it is people's beliefs in numerology that makes it relevant to them. Sometimes people's belief in numerology or a particular style is a form of religious belief: either free standing or in their case part of their spirituality in a more unified way. Some people may even believe it evil and is a way for some evil like Satan to take us off the true path and send our lives eventually to ruin. But generally people treat numerology as a game.

Some others use numerology as the base to look for hidden meanings in ancient religious books. They use it as a starting point to find hidden knowledge and gain predictions that have been sent by God hiding them in these religious books. Numerology as a type of Divination should be based upon sympathetic magic and generalisation. However there really are no defined method for modern numerology and so there seems to be little proof of any sympathetic magic connection: the different styles would cancel each other out. Generalisation seems to be important though. Numerology also likes to predict things that you may only know at the end of your life: like your destiny. So what is numerology? It is a set of systems based on the idea that hidden numbers rule our lives. That what letters are used in your name has an influence in your future and your personality and in many other ways too. The thing is about numerology you either accept this or you do not. Unless you take it as a game: there is no middle road.

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Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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