How is a Magical Servant made?

magical servent
Perhaps first I should answer the question: what is a magical servant? A magical servant: also known as a servitor: is a magical non- physical being (imaginary friend with function) which is the servant for a mage (Magician) or witch. ("Mage" is a diminutive term for "Magician" and most people do not use it in real life other than in gaming). Servitor is usually set precise tasks to perform. An example of a servitor can be the many demons, angels, fairies, elementals and other such magical creatures. This is because they can all be made into magical servants: however such entities can also be dangerous. Some entities can be commanded by using their true name, or by the use of talismans etc. But these beings all have their own background and whole belief systems which go with them, and this means they may not perform as required: can even be unpredictable unless you know exactly what you are doing. This is the reason that I do not recommend that people try to command any being unless using a method they are familiar with: and a very confined command.

There can be complications, for instance a magical being which is given the command of protect may hurt a small child if they throw a sweet paper at you: so take care and remember this article is for information only. So now we know what one is: how do we make one? There is more than one way to make a servitor. There are two ways a servitor gets made. The first way a servitor gets made is by accident: I will go into more detail on this later. The second way a servitor gets made is by the intent of a person. To make a servitor on purpose you must create a form for it to take. You must then give it a purpose. A lot of the times people tie it to an object or talisman. But you actually create it by your will. This is the main thing you will it into existence. But your will must be focused. You must create it with a purpose and a form. If you do all this correctly then you have created a servitor. I would say however that a servitor would be best tied to something easily destroyed. So I would not tie it to an object per se. I would create a talisman made of paper, but covered in clear fablon.

I would do this because it could last a long time, but also be easily destroyed. There may come a time when you no longer need this and want to reabsorb this part of me. As I mentioned a servitor can also be created by accident. The main part of creating a servitor is human will, and for this reason imaginary friends can become a servitor. Also negative strong emotions can form into a servitor too. Sometimes shadow entities are formed from peoples negative energy. Some people believe that a servitor can be created by casting the same spell time and time again: but I have seen little evidence for this. However positive entities can be formed also, by strong emotion, positive energy etc. So the creation of servitors is actually a natural purpose, and can be a way of people getting rid of bad parts of themselves. However these accidentally created servitors do not last forever, or else there would be many more of them than us. But people can also reabsorb these accidentally created servitors, like a child may reabsorb an imaginary friend once they have served their purpose.

However I should point out that all imaginary friends do not necessarily form into servitors: although the purpose of these is to make the child feel more confident and so they would form into more positive beings: and not demonic in nature. So how do we create a servitor? By accident or on purpose a servitor is created by human will, or strong emotion. It should be given a purpose and a form. It should be tied to a talisman that can last but can also be easily destroyed if the need arises. But most of all before using, or creating a servitor on purpose my advice would be, think carefully?

This video explains how one can raise energy and use this energy to form a thoughtform servant.

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Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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