Why not to become a supernatural human by radiation-induced mutations?

Supernatural Human
Nature has designed the human being in a very precise manner to survive best in this ever-changing world. Man has been trying to add some superman characters in them to develop his body structure more strongly and effectively than the nature. It is expected to produce supernatural humans after causing radiation-induced mutations, but still it has not been successful truly.

In usual, we observe many deviations from normal human structure. Just as an example, a child with six fingers or toes is a more common anomaly, medically known as polydactyly. However we never see supernatural humans as represented in science fiction or horror movies. We rarely see a man with three eyes or one with wings just like birds. We have never met a person who is equipped naturally with usable metal rods and swords in his fingers or arms, a person with fire or light producing ability, a person with rocky shell on the body or any other supernatural that we commonly see in the fiction movies.

As far as the common anomalies observed in human are concerned, these may result due to environmental agents such as chemical or biological agents but most effective are the background natural radiations which are always present with low radiation intensity. These background radiations are due to natural radioactive resources in form of ores, rocks or soil or cosmic radiations from outer environment. We may observe a higher incidence rate for a specific abnormality in an area. This is due to geographical location of that area by presence of chemical industries, variation to sunlight exposure and presence of natural radioactive resources in that area and its quantity.

Let us get familiarized with how mutations produce some abnormality. Almost every process in the human body is resulted by action of proteins which are synthesized by the code on DNA. When a person is exposed to radiations, cells in his body, specifically the DNA in the chromosomes of the nucleus of exposed cells, get damaged or altered in structure. This alteration or damage may cause to stop production of a protein or it may cause some other protein to be produced rather than the one needed. The effect of radiation exposure on a grown person is nonetheless very important but it affects only that specific person and usually not transferred to off-springs of that person.

To produce supernatural characters in a grown person, it is needed to produce specific mutations in all the cells in the entire body. It becomes more significant when it comes to the fetus in mother's uterus. Let us study this single cell (zygote, embryo or fetus) constructing a whole person. The DNA of this single cell contains all the necessary codes to shape an organism. We may develop or alter our body by exercise but still most of our body structure is grown and developed by the information on the single DNA. If some mutations occur in that initial cell, it is expressed in the child born. Any mutation may result in change of code on DNA, resulting in change of proteins which finally affects the processes in that child to shape its body, to survive in the environment.

Now let us analyze what happens if some extraordinary mutations occur in the fetus, for example instructions for three eyes, four legs or wings for child. The mother carrying the child has certain mechanisms in her uterus to keep her child and herself safe from any disorder or disease. It is preferable by the uterus to discourage birth of a child that would feel difficulty in surviving in the outer environment. If so significant mutations occur in the fetus, a mechanism will be initiated in uterus to make the fetus die and flush out to keep the mother safe. That is the reason we never see a super-natural human, except some gigantic persons who are also within some limits.

Many experiments have been performed in an attempt to learn how to produce supernatural characters in humans. Most of the experiments have been performed on mice and fruit flies to study effects of radiation induced mutations, because direct medical experimentation on human is not allowed in almost all countries. But surprisingly only those mutations were resulted by such experiments that were already present in nature as a deviation from the most common structure of that species. So it was concluded that radiation does not produce new or unique mutations, rather it enhances the rate of occurrence of those mutations that occur spontaneously or naturally in a specific species. Thus it seems impossible to add supernatural characters to human or even some other species.

We may question that why it is so? The reason behind these results lies in simple statistics. To produce a supernatural human, we need millions of mutations at specific sites with exactly that specific type of mutation which we want. Type of mutations and aberrations in DNA produced by radiation exposure is purely a random statistical process. A single radiation exposed to a single cell may alter its DNA in several ways, or even it may simply pass through the cell without any effect. It is very hard to produce even a single mutation of a specific type at a specific site on DNA, though we can obtain this by exposing a huge sample to different type of radiations in different ways. However, by statistical probability analysis, producing millions of mutations of specific types at specific sites of our desire is still a dream only.

Let us study another important real word example. What happened to the off-springs of atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? After such a terrible exposure to radiations, scientists were expecting that survivors of atomic bomb will give birth to extraordinary, supernatural, handicapped or disabled children but surprisingly no significant genetic effects were observed in the research on off-springs of the women pregnant at the time of explosion. Though there were the children with mental disorders, cleft palates or lips, club feet, polydactyly or syndactyly (fusion of fingers or toes), but still occurrence rate was not as predicted by the scientists.

The inferences from this large real world example and other experiments on fruit flies or mice, specifically mega-mouse project showed that there exists a repair mechanism in the human body that repairs some alterations or damage to DNA up to a limit. It was concluded that a person exposed to radiations to his genetic organs will not be transferring so many mutations by his sperms or ova if there is a time lap between exposure and conception. Thus this repair mechanism also limits the production of supernatural or extraordinary humans as a result of radiation exposure.

In short, we may conclude that it is nearly impossible to modify human structure according to our demands, because nature has designed us in a suitably good way. Perhaps, nature has imposed some bans to limit misuse of supernatural characters by devil-minded group of mega dacoits and terrorists of the world. Thanks God for taking care of us.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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