What is Bibliomancy?

Bibliomancy is a type of Divination using a book. It can reveal the future, help you decide what to do, give insight on a particular topic. It can give insight on any subject and give an answer to any question. It is very easy to do and does not require anything to be learnt. You would think that with this all in favour of it, that it would be very popular. But it always seems to be less popular than other styles of divination: although there is little data on this. Although any holy book could be used for bibliomancy, some books seem to be used more than others: the I-ching book of changes has always seemed very popular. A suitable book to choose would be one which has plenty of things within it that can be interpreted: this is one reason why the I Ching is so popular. However some people use the Bible or other religious books like the Mahabharata (Indian origin) , and the Quran (Islamic origin).

Some books seem to be less use for bibliomancy than you may think: I have tried the Homers Iliad and found that it was not really useful for this, although this is just my opinion. A book chosen for this should be long: a short book is not very useful for bibliomancy. You may ask: how do I do bibliomancy? Well this is actually very easy. You just think of a question that you want insight or a prediction for; you simply choose a page from the book at random, after opening the book randomly. On that page simply move your finger in any random direction till your spirit says to stop. You then guess the answer of your question by reading the content which you chose randomly (by moving your finger) as it is considered that the answer is hidden in the content you chose randomly for interpretation. You could also pick a particular page line at random and use this as your passage for divination. It should now become clear how easy a form of divination this is, and how important it is to choose the right book for this. Bibliomancy is best thought as an oracle in my opinion: a means of giving insight. It is a type of divination or oracle that is used all over the world. I should perhaps explain the difference between divination and oracle.

Divination is the act of predicting something whereas an oracle is something which offers advice. I see bibliomancy as a form of oracle, but it is used for prediction. In practice much of the time there is little difference with most divinations having elements of an oracle, and most oracles having elements of divination. Because religious books can be used for bibliomancy it is likely that it a method which dates back a very long way. As a method of divination it works by a practice known as sympathetic magic. That is that what is happening in the world and what will happen, will affect by the book and so you will choose the right page and will offer insight. This brings a very important aspect of bibliomancy into focus: the question. You must think of a question before opening the book or to do so will not be bibliomancy.

You must have an idea of what you want to know. Although it could be as simple as, what should I do? Or perhaps what are my options? What is going on? However its simplicity as a method of divination and the fact that it can use a book you already have: means that it's underestimated by many people. People seem to be more impressed by divination methods which use magic tools: tarot cards, runes and the ilk. Such a simple method is not designed to impress but it can impart much wisdom to a person. It can open a person's mind to other ways of looking at things. Bibliomancy is the ultimate form of advice, sometimes for a person with no one to ask. Books like the bible or other religious books open up great insight, although some people say the Godfather film is the same and when videos were in vogue you could stop it at a random place to get insight: slightly different and not bibliomancy because you are not then using a book. So what is bibliomancy? It is a method of using randomness and books to get advice and predict things.

Does Bibliomancy works?
which divination method is best to predict things?

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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