What is an Elemental?

To answer this I will first explain in this context what is meant by an element. There is a table of elements which has all the elements known to modern science, and some that have not yet been found. However an elemental is not in any way linked to this. Instead they are linked to the old ancient rooted idea that there were four or sometimes five elements: those being Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Stone. These elements were thought of as being the building blocks of everything. Everything was in some way thought to be made from these. These ancient ideas of the elements still make up part of many medical systems today seen as complimentary: for example acupuncture and acupressure etc.

An elemental is thought of as a being which is tied to; in some way magically represents those five elements. For example, A mermaid is an elemental it is representative of the element of water: the sea it swims in. Another elemental would be the dragon: this is tied to and represents the element of fire which it breathes. Another elements would be perhaps a leprechaun: depending upon the view of the person, or a dwarf: taking the old meaning for a small magical creature quite like a leprechaun and normally found thought of as being found in Germany.

An elemental of the air would be a syph: a being normally invisible. Now should come stone: however not all ancient peoples believed in stone as an element. This adds a complication. Also stone is sometimes as being the element that means the person, you. However a troll is the nearest anyone can come to a real stone elemental: this particular elemental being very badly defined. So far we know that an elemental is a spirit representing ancient ideas, of what an element is. Also is we look at sightings we can find some sightings for all these creatures, but ones for stone elementals of trolls seem difficult to find: however in Norway some people still believe in trolls, apparently as I have not been there.

But this does not answer the real question as to what they are. Are they physical beings? It is quite possible: originally a salamander was thought as an elemental magical creature, until they were found to be real. The real question would be why would there be spirits for elements that we now know are not elements at all? We know the world is not made up from fire, earth, water, air and stone. In fact earth is just stone that has been broken up by plants. They do not represent what they once did, and what the table of elements now does. They do still persist as a way of looking at the world.

They are still used in magic and the occult by some people. However some people believe that if enough people believe in a thing it becomes real: although there is no real proof. But in this case all things believed in by people are true: accounting for the many Santa Claus sightings each year, of flying reindeers. May be their link to these elements is just co-incidental and they are just magical spirits or beings that just happen to look linked to these things.

I suppose thinking of these creatures as elementals is more a method of categorising them than an actual theory. So of elementals all we really know: is these are beings that seem to represent the old idea of what the world was composed of. Most of them have had many sightings going back many, many year's right up to the present day and that many seem to appear from nowhere and can disappear just as fast. There has been one discovery in the past of a physical being, being categorised as an elemental: the salamander. Who know what the future may hold?

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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