How do Tarot Cards and Runes Work?

tarot card and runes
Tarot cards and runes can be used for Divination. But how do these methods of divination work? Tarot cards are read by using various spreads, each place where a card is placed represents a particular thing. Runes are symbols on tiles and much like the Tarot, Runes are placed in a spread or pattern of several tiles, and then read. Runes can be read by using similar spreads or by being tossed. When runes are tossed their proximity to each other, and sometimes how they lie, is used to give a reading: psychic reading. Tarot cards were at first just cards that were used for card games, and some people use regular decks of cards to give readings with. Here is the list of different types of tarot decks used for psychic reading since historical times. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck of cards is almost certainly the most widely used tarot card deck in the world.

Runes for divination may have been a modern invention: although there is mention of people carrying around bags of runes: letters from the Viking alphabet. So really they are just a pack of cards and some letters. But yet they are said to be able to predict the future. However each rune or card represents something. It is this which is important this is the main element that they represent something: an idea: and it is this that enables a psychic reading to be possible with them.

Some people believe that these things these cards or runes represent are just generalizations. Because they represent this and the fuzzy ill-defined way they are interpreted that enables the psychic reading to be correct. Some people believe them to be oracles: there to inform and not predict the future. However some people believe they work through sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic means quite simply that one thing can be affected by another. So a voodoo doll (watch a funny video based on voodoo doll) representing another person can affect them: make them ill or even heal. In the same way a deck or cards or bag of runes when spread meant to represent a person's life will: the correct cards will get drawn to do this and so predict the future. Tarot cards and runes have the advantage over other tools in that once learnt they work equally well for anyone, whereas a crystal ball would not and would require ability and much practice.

There have been many types of tarot cards that are all slight variations on each other. But any deck could be used so long as the cards mean something to you. You can actually make your own with completely different meanings for each card and it will still work. You could print your own, or even make one. Sometimes you can find decks of cards which are the same on the back but different on the front: usually they seem to be placed on the shelves together. I once did this for an experiment. The decks were a normal deck or cards, a deck of happy families and a deck of snap cards.

I choose the cards from the decks which for some reason could mean something to me. I put them together and here is the strange thing: the reading was more accurate than those using a deck of tarot cards. I actually used this situation to comedic effect in a book I wrote called Dave on Earth. I must admit to usually using scrying, and not using tarot a lot at all. But the point is it is not the cards that are important, or the runes. It is the way and concept which is important. The fact that they represent sympathetic magic, the use they are put to is the important part.

This defines them and is where the ability to predict comes from. Of course we have to have the ability to interpret tarot cards for them to work: but seems to be something we all can learn. So how do tarot cards and runes work? Sympathetic magic is seen as important but not all of us believe in such things. Human interpretation is what we actually do when reading tarot cards of runes: but seems to be a learnt skill insofar as tarot and runes go. Generalization seems important too and most tarot or rune readers would not get far without it. But the most important element of tarot cards or runes is how they help you see your life a different way. They are better at informing than decision making for most people and this is their true value.

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Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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