Which device to use to count the steps taken during walk?

When food is digested inside the body, energy is produced or generated from that digested food. This energy is used by the body to perform different tasks like walking, sitting, standing, sleeping, running etc. We need to measure this energy produced, and calorie is the unit to measure the energy produced. Just like kilometer is the unit to measure distance, calorie is the unit to measure energy produced from the digestion of food. When the body performs less activity (when a person is not much active) less energy is needed and all the extra calories (energy) produced is stored as fat inside the body and as a result of it a person becomes over-weight (obese) due to storage of fat. So lot of physical activities are required to utilize (or burn) the extra calories produced so that these extra calories do not get stored as fat inside the body. Similarly there are certain people who eat less (sometimes they even fast due to religious belief) and work hard. Such people tend to loose weight instead of gaining because the energy (calories) produced by digestion of food is less (due to less eat) than what is required by the body and as result the body's metabolism make use of the extra fat (existing in the body) to accomplish the extra energy required by the body to do the hard work. As the fat goes off the body it tends to loose weight.

People who are obese it is recommended for them to walk at least 10,000 steps a day so that they do not become overweight. You will need to spend around 1.5 hrs in walking to complete 10,000 steps. Here is where a device like pedometer is needed to count the number of steps taken. Do not get surprised because this device does measure the number of steps taken by a person during the walk. Obese people need this device most to get a rough idea of number of steps taken during the routine walk. This device is also good enough to measure the amount of calories and fat burnt during the routine walk.

Since this device is available in different brands one that is best and recommended most is Omron Walking Style III Pedometer as this is most popular among buyers on retail sites like amazon and majority of the customer reviews are positive regarding the accuracy and the quality of this device. Before start using this electronic device it will ask the user to input 4 things : time to initiate, height, weight and length of the stride (length of first step the user takes). A special instruction booklet is supplied along with the purchase mentioning the procedure to measure all these 4 things. Once you input all the 4 requirements you are ready to use the pedometer and place it in your pocket or hang it from the waist belt. Now just go for the walking activity and track your progress in the pedometer after you return. The pedometer will surprisingly give all the readings that you need like calories burned, fat burned, number of steps taken and distance traveled for all the walking activities you did in the given period of time.

Such readings are actually needed by fitness enthusiasts or obese people who want to maintain their good health. From doctor's advice some people are able to know how much calories they need to burn everyday so that the fat doesn't get accumulated inside their body and they are safe not to be declared as over weight to avoid various diseases coming out as a result of overweight. Since Omron Pedometer helps giving the readings of calories burned per day it is really helpful and it gives perfect idea how many calories have been burned or if some more walking still required to achieve the desired goal.

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