What is the Lambton Worm?

Lambton Worm
The Lambton worm is actually a beast from a folk tale which is from the north east of England; there is also a song about it too. In the tale a young man called John Lambton misses church on a Sunday to go fishing: it should be noted that for Christians Sunday is a holy day. In some versions he is warned by an old man that he should not miss church on this holy day. When I was told this story as a child it was a worm he caught. It looked strange and so he threw it into a well. He leaves it many years. People notice that they have sheep missing: something is eating the sheep, and also some children. The worm has grown into a fierce beast which wraps itself around a hill. It was killed by John Lambton. Later on there was added a curse and this was why nine generations of Lambton's died a violent death.

There is quite a bit of variation in the exact folk tale with some versions having a lot more detail. However an important point about the Lambton worm is that it was not actually a worm. When this folk tale was first told a dragon in this part of the world at that time, was long and without arms and legs: as it was in other parts of northern Europe. However later on people thought of a dragon as having arms and legs and so it was renamed the Lambton worm. So it was actually a dragon.

It should also be noted that the fact that it was from a river; probably the river wear: is an important point. It was thought at that time that evil entities and even demons could be found underground, and below a river was thought of as being a likely spot for demons to hide. So the Lambton worm would have been thought to have been sent form Hell, or at least from demons. This is John Lambton's punishment for not going to church on the holy day of Sunday. It also cursed the whole area. This may have been why John Lambton lifted it: it was his curse and he must lift it no other could. He lifted it by wearing spiked armour and so when the worm wrapped around him (to kill him) it killed itself.

There also is a public house called the Lambton worm: named after the folk tale. There are other sightings and folk tales of other worms: actually named dragons: all around northern Europe. It is strange among folk tales in that on one seems to believe it really happened. Whereas most other folk tales have at least a few people who believe in them. But the Lambton worm seems to have no believers at all. It just seems so strange and large that if it had existed, we expect to know about it now.

In the song about the Lambton worm it says that the worm: translated from the original slang: to have had big teeth, a big mouth and big eyes. In the story generally it is said to be very large: large enough to wrap itself around a hill more than once: the exact amount of times is slightly open to interpretation. If the Lambton worm was a real visitation by a beast: it would be one of the greatest finds in cryptozoology. However there is no physical evidence, and there seems to be no modern sightings: unlike a lot of things from other folk tales. So what is the Lambton worm? It is a great fierce dragon. It had large teeth, a large mouth and eyes and was a huge size: big enough to wrap itself around a hill many times. It is from a folk tale and we all hope it is just a story or else another may visit the north east of England again someday.

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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