What is a Talisman?

A talisman is any such object which is made for specific purpose to be used by the owner as a good luck and to protect himself or herself from evil or harm (source:crystalinks.com). But what really works is the faith and trust of the owner on his/her talisman. A talisman can also be used in a home for protection. Other than offering protection it can give, good luck, can bring wealth, happiness etc. A talisman as a term covers quite a wide range of things. It is not just always something with some kind of magical symbol on it, but it could also be the cross that Christians believe Christ died on, to small boots etc. All these things people believe can give them protection in some way. For example, a ring designed with a moonstone in it could be a talisman which someone could use to protect the relationships of love with someone.

The making of a talisman then is not always so straight forward. A lot of talismans are basically symbolic in nature. They may be simply powerful symbols or may actually be believed to command a magic as being such as a genie. Some people believe that when a talisman is made it is of prime importance, and that a talisman should be made to coincide with some important astrological event and that it should be made in a very particular way. Some types have their own rituals in the making of them.

However what is a talisman to one person, is a useless symbol to another and most of what is it in talisman comes down to belief: some people believe that all power from a talisman comes from the belief of the wearer or owner and it is important that your talisman means something to the you. Talismans go back a very long way with ancient Egyptians using them to help with illness: it was there main form of medical treatment (source:reshafim.org.il). But a symbolic talisman does not have to use an ancient symbol. There is actually a lot of benefit from creating one. This way it will mean something to the creator who should also be the wearer: although some talismans are made to stay in a person's house to protect it. It should not be forgotten that some talismans are very specific in their purpose. The talisman against the evil eye will mostly protect someone from the evil eye: although it will have other protective properties too.

But there are also talismans which have no symbol on them at all. For instance a small shoe was said to protect a home which is a tradition which no one really knows where it came from: but is said to come from a person burying their dead relatives under the entrance of their home; this then became their shoes and eventual becoming any small shoes. Although some people think it is because any evil entity seeing the small shoes will think that there are fairies, or leprechauns in the house and they will avoid it.

A lot of people forget that most religious symbols are themselves talismans: they can give protection. However a talisman should not be confused with a cursed object. A cursed object will bring not good, but bad forces to the owner. It brings bad luck and is in many ways the opposite of a talisman. A lot of the time a person will not know that the object is a cursed. Actually the process for making a cursed object is the same as making a talisman.

Sometimes entities will be commanded by the object to do harm to the wearer: or person placing it in their home. For instance a symbol used to create the magical curse could but contained inside the cursed object: leaving the owner with just a normal looking object. But talismans do not have to be worn around a person's neck, or as jewellery: it can simply be something to put in your pocket.

It can even by in the form of clothing: it having any magical symbol on it. If you want a talisman you want something you will believe in and that means something to you. This way it will have power for you, and be able to give you protection. A talisman can be very attractive, and can add to the appearance of yourself or your home and so some people make or buy them for this reason.

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Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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