What can a Tree tell you?

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This may seem a strange statement and you may assume a tree can tell you nothing at all: this is far from the truth. There are, many type of trees and what I will concentrate on is that that will work for all the tree types I know of and should work for all trees. Mankind's relationship with trees seems more rooted in the past but we still need them for photosynthesis as we ourselves cannot turn carbon-dioxide into oxygen as trees can. We need them but yet many of us live far from them, only seeing trees from time to time. This was not always the case and as forests were sometimes dangerous places; some still are: we need them and lived near to them. Many, ancient forests have been destroyed: some new ones have been planted. If you know the type of tree then you can tell estimate what season it is. It a tree is deciduous then in autumn the leaves fall, in winter the tree itself has no leaves and no growth. In spring buds start to form and in summer there is again more growth. If a tree is evergreen then it cannot tell you this: it has leaves all year. Also if you were to know the season then if a deciduous tree looked as though it was still acting as though in another season then you can tell if it has been colder or warmer than usual at that time of year.

Trees also seem to grow in the direction the sun rises in and so can tell you the direction: this does depends upon there being nothing in the way of the tree and works better for a lone tree standing on its own. Moss also tends to grow on the side the sun rises in. Also if a person has a knowledge of scrying you can use it to provide you with knowledge by using a leaf, inside of branch as a tool to do a psychic reading with. When doing this you would interpret what you see in terms of a prediction. It could tell you not just the future but things to worry about how to proceed etc. There is also a technique that I was taught that has I must admit to not having used and this is to get knowledge from a tree to find places you do not know the way to. This technique is really a mini ritual. You proceed by bowing to the tree. Then you introduce yourself: by stating your name. You then ask it to direct you to anywhere you want: for example where are the fairies, to any magical place. Now comes the really difficult part. You look at the tree you re-adjust for the tree growing in the direction the sun rises.

You look at the tree in terms of how it grows, what affect the wind has upon it, and make a judgement on where it is trying to direct you to. This method is highly complex and probably not very reliable and so if possible you should use the other method I have told you for getting directions if possible. It is really rooted in the fact that in the past trees and nature were seen as having a spirit and this belief allows for the possibility that it can direct you as a mute person would. However it is the only way to get directions to hidden magical places other than dowsing or folk tales and so it has its place for reference. Also a tree can tell you about its history: you can see by looking at it if it has ever suffered from any disease as this would affect a trees growth. It can tell you it's age but only by cutting it down: you need to then count the rings inside the trunk, a trees age is one year per ring inside the trees trunk. So a tree can tell you many things, much more than you probably thought.

By S Rob

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