How to avoid pain in hands while carrying a Baby?

Baby Carrier
Sometimes your hands feel tired while holding your baby in arms for longer duration. Baby feel relaxed and secure and does not cry out while being in arms of her mom or dad. But since it becomes painful for parents, there need to be a solution to avoid such pain. The best solution could be to buy a baby carrier like the one which is very popular and named as BabyBjorn Active Baby Carrier. So how the baby carriers like the one from BabyBjorn useful to avoid pain in hands? A baby carrier is like a carrying bag with shoulder straps inside which you can carry your baby while it is being worn on mom or dad's upper body on the front chest. The straps can be locked at various points to hold the baby inside in a compact way without worrying of fall. This baby carrier is built in such a way that baby's weight will only partially pull the shoulder straps and rest of the pull will come on the straps attached from lumbar region (lower portion of back side) of the body. As a result of this unique built, baby's weight to withstand will be much less and tolerable. In other words baby can be carried for longer duration of time without getting tired than when you keep baby on your arms without making use of a baby carrier.

This baby carrier is also built in such a way that it has holes for baby's legs and arms to pass through them and remain free outside of the carrier. When baby is still small and her neck cannot provide support to head she can be inserted inside the carrier in a way so that her face is towards the chest of the Mom or Dad wearing the carrier. Once the baby grow older and her neck can support the head than baby can be inserted inside the carrier so that her face is towards the same direction as Mom or Dad's face while the head resting on Mom or Dad's chest. This carrier is so compact that parents can move all around while carrying baby in it and also can perform various household tasks when in kitchen or doing something else. Another great feature of this product is: it can be adjusted according to the height of your child.

It is also easier to put on and remove without taking help from others but definitely need little bit of practice to master its use. At any point of time if baby fall asleep inside the carrier it's straps can be opened from front to get the baby out from it to lay her on bed without disturbing her sleep. This product can be used for newly born babies and till they are 15 months of age. This product looks good in design and also machine washable and child's breath would be comfortable in it without causing any suffocation. The textile used to manufacture this product makes it very sturdy and comfortable as well. By using this product called BabyBjorn Active Baby Carrier parents can definitely protect their hands from pain. This product is also popular among buyer's community and lot of sales being made everyday without any complaints. If you need something cheaper you can try another brand like Britax. But this product still don't have much customer reviews but the company definitely ensure your child's safety and protection.

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