What is scrying?

Scrying is a method of divination. It is quite apart from other methods of divination. It is more a technique maybe even a way of living than a tool. The best way to describe it is to look at the tools it can use. A person predicting by looking into a crystal ball is scrying: they quite literally are having visions in the crystal ball. Also there is the scrying mirror which is a black shiny surface which when a person looks in enables them to have visions. Also a person can scry by looking into a glass of water or cola. It is this controlled visions that is scrying. Although it should be said that reading tea leaves is also a method of scrying: when interpreting the way the tea lies in the cup.

Scrying is the oldest method of divination there is. It is also believed to build psychic power generally: making the person psychic, or more psychic. However scrying is not necessarily just visual: as dowsing is also a form of scrying: dowsing is finding lost objects or other things using the feel a person has when holding rods or a pendulum. This form of scrying is usually referred to as dowsing so as to avoid confusion. A person experienced in scrying and with ability, can predict the future and the past, look into different places and planes of existence, some even believe see past lives or people who have died and are on the other side: depending upon the beliefs. It should be noted that remote viewing is technically a form of scrying. However the older methods would seem to have more usefulness than the much newer remote viewing due to their many more uses.

Scrying is a way of thinking and once this in understood then a person can use almost anything, making the world one large scrying tool. You can interpret your dreams: this is scrying. You may also use the inside of animals to see the future, or the branch of a tree. Scrying has such ancient origins that it has mentions in the bible: when there were interpretations of dreams, or the clouds in the sky. Scryers were also of great importance in the ancient world: they were consulted on the most important of matters. Scrying was done in the past the whole world over and still is. It is as human a pastime and gift, as any other we could mention. In Europe it had a special place as druids had to learn it in order to become druids. There is little knows of the druids: most we know is from Roman tales of them.

However there were three grades on the path to druidry. The first was the bardic path: the learning of tales as a way to instil wisdom. The second was the ovate path: this was scrying and perhaps other forms of divination. The third was to be a full druid and this meant you had completed your training. So for them to be wise and powerful was to be able to scry. Without it they were not complete. Maybe the true value of scrying is not in being able to see the future or even the past, but what it does for the practitioner. The way it lets us see close all the things we cannot see are. How close what we want to see is that there is more to things than just our one point: the way it lets the practitioner connect with something larger than they are while still not getting lost. To connect to a larger self but still remain who we are. To see that we are not just a small insignificant set of beings but that we still have much to learn how we have such bigness ahead of us, such grander things ahead. It lets us see how good we really can be.

Written By: S Rob, an Occult Consultant.

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