What is the difference between an Angel and a Fairy?

Angel and a Fairy
At first it may seem that both an angel and a fairy must be the same thing, as they are usually thought of as both having wings; a lot of people would agree with this statement. However in the past fairies were thought of quite differently. They are in effect nature spirits, linked with nature and forests. There also are many variations on them. Most countries in Europe seem to have their own variation of fairy type. It should not be forgotten that a leprechaun is thought of as a type of fairy. As are dwarfs: meaning the short magical non winged creature and not a short human.

If we restrict ourselves to the classic fairy, thought of as having wings, we still find that this has variation. The classic fairy as we think of it owes more to fiction to folk tales. Times have seen people look at fairies differently. There has been much thought on the route of fairies. Some people have the view that they were the old Gods that shrank as they ceased to be worshiped, or that they made themselves smaller to hide. There is no evidence to this that I can find.

Although there have been many sightings over the years of fairies types: for example there has been many sightings of leprechauns in Ireland and many other types all over Europe. We should also examine what we know of Angels. Most people think of angels as having wings, that they are good by nature. That they embody all that is good in this world. They are linked with heaven. There are like fairies many different types and varieties of angels.

One main difference is that fairies are nature spirits, they are linked to forests and natural places, however as nature could be thought of as creation then that could be a similarity. However angels reside in heaven whereas fairies do not. Also angels are good they do good things. But there are many folk tales of fairies doing terrible things. They are just as apt to be bad as good. There are good and bad fairies. Some types are quite mischievous. A human being abducted or finding him or herself in fairy land may find they would have to escape to get back. They may experience a loss of time, whereas no loss of time has been linked to angels at all.

But the most important difference is that the classic fairy as thought of today is an invention of Shakespeare in a midsummer night's dream, also added to by many writers and artists. The fairy in the past was a forest dwelling magical being. It was powerful and could be extremely cruel or very good. In fact the fairy was thought of being as being able to use different forms. There is still magical practices today related to nature in many places and fairies are really a reflection of that. But there is also a ritual I was shown once when very young. It was that you should always bow to a fairy and introduce yourself. This is because it was thought of as being important to be polite, because of their power.

Some say that you should never say thank you if they help you, as they are so powerful they may be offended. Also fairies do tend to be spotted in certain places more than others. Whereas an angel could in theory appear anywhere, fairies tend to gather in forests, trees seeming to be very important. Also fairies seem only to be spotted in Europe and so being a localised phenomenon. So what is the difference between an angel and a fairy? I suppose on reflection almost everything. Even the wings some claiming being a later addition. What they do share however is that they both seem to live mostly out of our grasp, unseen aloof unless they do not want to be.

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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