How to Adjust Yourself in a New City?

Adjust in new city
In our lifespan, we undergo many shifts whether within city, between cities or even between countries. The reasons majorly include education or training, joining a new job, a professional or personal visit, a job transfer, some business purpose or sometimes simply to change the society. We have often short term stay at a new city, but sometimes we have to shift to a new place for a long-term or even permanently.

According to the great ancient philosopher Aristotle, man is by nature a social animal. When we stay at a place for long time, we get adjusted with the environment, the society and even with the norms and traditions of that area. The problem occurs when we have to leave that place for some time or permanently. A short-term stay at some new place is rarely bad unless the stay is in very uncomfortable environment. Although a short-term visit to a new place may become an adventure for a new tourist. When we have to move to a new place for weeks or months, it becomes difficult to manage many things. It depends on whether we are moving lonely or along with our entire family.

When we have to move along-with our family to shift to a new home at a new place, many things are to be considered before and after moving. In first, we have to shift entire luggage safely to the new home. In modern countries, the problem becomes easier with the help of professional moving service providers. We have to simply hire a team of professional movers and they will do the entire job from packing to unpacking including loading, transporting, unloading and even adjusting at new home. We have to just pay for their services and get relaxed. But in most of countries in the world, we have to manage all of these things by ourselves.

The problem does not end here. We have to make adjustments in the new city to make our stay comfortable. We should try to familiarize ourselves with the map of the city, roads and major markets. We have to sort out feasible shopping centers, parks, institutes near to new home for our children and all other places that we visit frequently. These things can also be managed before shifting if we are moving at our own and are free to decide that where to live. As well as foods are concerned, we can find restaurants and stores where we can get foods of our own choice. All this is possible due to fast transport and latest technologies facilitating us in the modern world being a global village.

The case becomes simpler when we have to move lonely, though still it needs to be managed. First of all, we have to take care of our belongings which we need often. Making a list of necessary clothing, files and other belongings can keep you safe from any frustration upon reaching in the new city. Prior to moving to a new city, we should reserve a room before leaving our own city. We should keep sufficient net cash along with backup money in our bank account, as we may not have easy access to ATM machines nearer to our stay. If we are moving to a hotel, we can easily manage all the things but we may face problem with our eating pattern. It becomes easier when we have some close friends or family relatives in the new city.

If we are moving to an area which is totally different to our civilization and culture, the case becomes more difficult to cope with. Initially, we may have to go for new identity cards for the new address or other legal formalities. If the language, religion and culture of the area are much different from that of us, we have to be careful in this aspect. We should avoid any political or religious discussion that may lead to discrepancies with the residents of that city. There are many cases when it becomes difficult for one to make his stay possible at a place but we can handle this by wisdom and courtesy. We can win the hearts of the society by doing their help in little assignments and by sharing pains and pleasures with each other.

Many nations in the world love their language and depreciate to communicate in other language. My physics teacher - recalling his stay at some country - told us that he faced a problem of communication unless he learned the major language of that country. Whenever he needs to ask the right path towards a bookshop or some public place, he was unable to get help if asked in global English language. But if he communicated in their language to ask for the path, the old citizens even accompanied him to that place. So it would be great if we learn the major language of the new city. Alternatively, if we are in a global city like New York, London or Toronto, we may also find some citizens in that city who are from own city. We can find such plazas, shopping centers and restaurants where we feel comfortable like our old city.

When we have to move between continents, weather and geographical conditions becomes more significant. We have to take care of suitable clothing, bedding and foods. Someone who has spent his whole life in a plain territory, it may become an adventure for him to survive in hilly areas. Some countries have long days and long nights, which may disturb the sleeping routine but we will get adjusted by the routine in few days. You can observe the residents that how they deal with these conditions. We have to take care of the time difference among countries while contacting our past colleagues, friends and family relatives. In short, we have to just equip ourselves with necessary clothing, equipments and knowledge about territorial conditions of that area.

Overall, by moving to a new city, we have to make a little bit compromise on culture and civilization of that area to get adjusted. As the world has become a global village, we can get help of many factors to make our stay at new city comfortable. We wish you Good Luck for your stay at a new city!

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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