What ways are there to see different planes of existence?

planes of existence
First I will describe: what are different planes of existence. Different planes of existence are usually thought of as many different worlds or realities all existing side by side. Some people see Heaven and Hell as different realms, planes of existence; as are places where fairies otherwise known as fae reside. There are many folk tales of different planes of existence being suddenly seen by people. Some times this includes aspects of time: with time passing differently in these different places. However there are many tales of these also being hidden in places geographic as well. Such as in holes or in caves: with these places being a hiding place. Meaning not just are a particular set of being in a different plane of existence but also in a remote place: one where you would not normally look.

It is generally though: by those that believe: that the reason many beings are unseen is that they live in a different plane of existence. However they seem to be able to visit ours at will: but we would only see those that could so we should not take this for granted. So how do we go about seeing, such planes of existence. Well in folk tales people many times people looked in places underground, such as wells, or holes or caves, and also certain mountains.

Therefore many assume that many beings hide in difficult to see places. There is however another level to it. As in such tales a human is allowed in, many people could travel to the same place and see no such entity. Also the experience was not necessarily positive; many had negative points such as the loss of time experienced by many alien abductees. So we will look at safer methods. One way is meditation there now being many variations on the original methods.

However it should not be forgotten that meditation originally was simply a term for thinking deeply about something with saying the rosary: a type of prayer also at one time being seen as meditation. The meditation methods usually concentrate upon the creation of a spirit or body of light to activate the sixth sense which gives the ability to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, ghosts, Heaven (Swarga), etc. The body (subtle body and not physical body) will then be moved around and eventually moved through different planes. There are also similar ways to access a person's animal totem based partly upon this and techniques used by shaman. There are other tools however that can be used. One such tool is a scrying mirror. A scrying mirror is a black shiny surface into which a person gazes.

With practice a person can learn the art of scrying and not just see the future, the past but different places and planes of existence. It can be used as a magic TV set, to see these other places with the safety of not having to go there, either in spirit of body. This is therefore a much safer way to see these other realms. This same technique can also be used with a crystal ball, glass of water etc..: and used to see these other planes. There are tools to see beings hidden from us; being hidden because they are just out of reach, they can see us but we cannot see them. In this situation a hag stone can be used. A hag stone (see hag stones on youtube) is a stone in which running water such as from a stream has formed a hole. A hag stone must be found or given as a present. We look through the hole and if an entity is hiding itself we can see it though the hag stone: or so many believe.

Also there is the tool invented by the founder of Mormonism. This is a pair of glasses with black pebbles in: it works similar to something fans of comic book based films may have seen in a film about a demon living on Earth. The technique would be based upon the same principle as the crystal ball. There is the other technique of seeing these other hidden places by shear good luck, or bad luck depending on how you see it. But if you see these things or get to these hidden realms the question remains: are you sure you can get back?

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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