What is the Evil Eye?

Evil Eye
The evil eye is something which is held as a belief by many cultures around the world. It is a type of curse. A lot of curses require words to be uttered, or talismans. The evil eye requires none of these. It does not require any magical tools: though I myself have little use for these either. It is focused on a person by a prolonged look. It would happen like this. You would be walking along and a person would envy you in some way, they would then give you a prolonged look. This stare focused the effect on you. It focuses the persons envy upon the person being stared at through the eyes. The eyes are not a source of the magic, just a director of the persons envy.

It is really about the directing of a person's strong emotion and will do a magical effect: the curse. It is said it has the most effect upon children or babies(protecting babies from evil eye). It does not affect adults as much, as they are stronger. There are talismans designed specifically to deal with this type of curse. The effect of the curse would be harmful. It can do real damage on the baby or child. By some cultures or people are generally believed to have the power to cast an evil eye curse easier than others. These people are generally witches or occult people or gypsies. This is odd as the belief in the evil eye is everywhere and can be cast unwittingly.

The real problem is that everyone has the power to cast an evil eye curse. It will be easier for anyone who practices magic to do, than someone who does not. This is because practice of magic builds up a person's magical power in much the same way of practice of most things makes the person better at that task. For this reason if at any time you feel envy at a child, baby or pregnant mother, you should not look for a prolonged period of time when feeling this: just give passing glances. This may make you feel odd but believe me it is much better to be safe than to damage a child. Strangely the eye has not been used to direct other spells.

It could theoretically be used to direct the power of any spell. It could direct good luck, happiness practically anything. For spells generally people use other things. Generally less well known is that some people use other things to direct a curse: for instance the evil finger. This is where a person points their finger: usually held in a slightly odd unusual pose and simply state a curse. This would simply be said as a sentence. You would need to be near the person for this to work. This again relies upon being near the other person.

You need to be near the other person in order to cast the curse. The most important detail is the hand position as people doing this will need to use a hand position different enough from a normal pointed finger so they have full control: so that they do not hold their hand in this position normally and unwittingly hex people. The talismans to for protection from the evil eye, is usually a circle with a dot in it. But talismans usually work better if you are familiar with it in this context and this target like talismans is now used in logos and lots of other things: making it unsuitable.

You need a symbol you can believe in for protection. Most protective talismans will protect you from the evil eye. Luckily most religions ceremonies like baptism give the baby protection from the evil eye. But do not worry as this type of attack is usually quite rare. But if you do see a person giving a prolonged and possibly envious look at your child : Well it is at times like that when having a religion or being a practitioner of magic helps.

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Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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