Being Cursed, being Haunted and having a Demon: What is the difference?

Being Haunted
At first this may seem like a strange question. After all surely they are all completely different. But maybe I should say a little about each first. A curse is a magic spell of some kind which has been placed upon a person, or persons or place. It is bad and usually if it works correctly will cause something bad or some negative thing or things to happen in the cursed person's life. An example would be a spell(for example: Egyptian Revenge Spells), or a Voodoo Doll (Buy on Amazon if you need one) designed to hurt a particular person. Being haunted is about a ghost haunting a place, person or thing: there was even a case of a person living in a haunted caravan. A ghost is the spirit of a dead person, or animal. It may take many forms, it may bring bad feeling. It may let itself be seen by people, sometimes doing the same thing over and over again. It may throw things around like a poltergeist. Watch this youtube video for Unbelievable poltergeist activity.

A demon can do many of the same things as a ghost. It may appear for people to see, or may not. It may cause negative effects. It may follow a person or stay in a building. So far this all seems very well defined. However I have noticed that most people do not know whether they are being haunted, or cursed, or have attracted the attention of a demon. People frequently describe the same things but putting different causes onto the same circumstances. The effect of a curse will depend upon the type of curse as to what the effects may be. A person may curse a person by command a demon, in which case they would have a demon following them but also be cursed. They may command an ancestor to do bad to a person. So there sometimes is more than one category covered. But quite often there is not enough data to separate the actual cause. This is why if you contact religious people who specialize in getting rid of evil entities they usually use quite broad methods. In the films the hero discovers something bad, an evil force. He finds out about it what he can and does what is required to vanquish the beast, or demon.

In reality it is nothing like this, most of the time you will have enough information to know what it is. You will not know enough to get an exact picture and would not want to be surprised by making the wrong assumption anyway. So although I have much knowledge what is needed is a flexible approach. It is the difference between boxing and kung fu: bearing in mind I do neither. Kung fu has many complex counters for specific moves. Boxing is more flexible and so a boxer can respond to many attack without having to think. A boxer is flexible and can respond to almost anything. This is the approach that must be taken when dealing with these things. The other point is that much of how we view things depends upon our cultural background.

Many different beliefs and views, see the same things slightly differently and most of the time they all have their good and bad points. So it is best not to get too tied to a particular set of assumptions. So the difference between being cursed, being haunted or having a demon, is a lot of the time nothing at all. At other times quite a lot. The one important difference is that demons can possess a person(getting possessed by demon) where as a ghost would have to be channelled and have seen no proof that ghosts take over others bodies: although a demon may be classified as a ghost by pretending to be one and I would classify any possession as a demonic entity. Another point is that a demon is bad, a curse is bad, whereas a ghost may not be. Some people are quite happy to share a home with a ghost: depending on the ghost. When dealing with these things it is best to at first to focus on what is happening and later on broad approaches on how to deal with it.

Written by: S Robe , an Occult Consultant, UK

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