What does a Demon Look Like?

To first answer this question I should first answer the question: what is a demon? This question is not as straight forward as one would suppose. Some religions do not even believe in demons, as Christianity does. Some believe in simply a set of beings on a continuum from good to bad. It is generally accepted that demons are fallen angels. What can be said is that there is no proof behind the generally held view that they are red with horns and pointy tails. They never appear in this form. Some people say Satan is lizard like: it generally being agreed by some religions that he was the snake in the Garden of Eden.

However anyone who has worked as an occult consultant will rapidly come to see that demons generally are seen in one form above all others: the shadow. That is right moving shadows without an object to cast it, is the number one was demons are seen. They are seen in the shape of humans. They are also seen as small animals: being seen as small oval shapes which can move, and also as dogs. They are also seen in many other shadow shapes, but these are the most common. These entities however can take any form they like. But generally take these: although they can easily go unseen by hiding in another shadow, or by just making themselves invisible. They do not need to be seen if they do not want to. The fact that these entities take human form is really quite fascinating.

Some people believe that this type of manifestation happens because of the coalescence of negative energy. This negativity eventually gathers together into a being: the type of demon in question. This may be the reason why some appear as people, and some as animals. Or it could simply be that the smaller are simply not powerful enough to form a human form yet: they would require more negativity. It should be noted however that most times demons do not show themselves at all: they not needing a physical form.

The fact that demons can show themselves in many forms makes the fact that they do not appear as horned devils even more mysterious. Another form they have shown themselves in will be one you have heard of before. They appear in forms very similar to the grey alien. This is not as strange as it seems: one of the first descriptions of a demon being seen as a grey was by Aleister Crowley: he called them Lam. However the appearance of them in this form is not at all strange: this is a form which would frighten people and this is something they can use. They can drain the fear as this also is a negative energy.

Some people also believe that if a person dies and goes to Hell, then they themselves become a demon. Also that a demon is a fallen angel is central to the beliefs in demons. There is however many routes to demonhood. Many ways a demon can come into existence. But still the shadow man or animal image of a demon is the most seen. Sometimes it appears with red eyes. The well-known and much seen Black Dog or devil dog is of this type. It is seen as a very large dog with red eyes. It has been spotted in many places, and has many sightings.

The most important thing for most people to remember in dealing with demons is good housekeeping: do not wait for a larger moving shadow, but get rid of any entity as soon as you can. It is not a good policy to wait for larger moving shadows and best to get rid of the smaller ones: although the very small animal type ones do not seem to drain much energy, and seem more pet like than demonic. So how should I do that? I hear you cry. Well you can get in an occult consultant, a priest or religious person, or you can get some strong spray air freshener.

At the early stages the sweet smell of a strong smelling air freshener being liberally squirted around, will send them away: they do not like sweet smells. Don't let a small problem get into a larger one. People can also use burning sage: but a strong flowery spray air freshener will work too. Do not expect it to work for ever and repeated applications of spray air freshener at different times will be required. This will usually keep them at bay.

By S Rob

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