What do Demons, Angels and Genies have in common?

Demons and Angels
To answer this I will start by looking at each in turn. A demon is a bad entity. It is by nature evil. It can take many forms. An angel is good by nature. There are many different types of angels: different types of angels, even ones meant for fighting. Genies are very varied, varying from good all the way to bad; with many different levels in between. But actually they are ways of looking at the same thing. For a person who believes in genies then they take the place of demons and angels. They are how they see them. But the first demons were simply fallen angels. They were angel who fell from grace. So they must have been very much the same. So a demon is a type of angel both can be seen as genies. Genies were said to be made from smokeless fire, while man was said to be made from clay. This ties in to the fact that demons are usually not seen as physical being, usually as shadows that move and they can take many shapes.

Angels are usually seen in this way too, although there has been sighting of angels in physical form I have not been privy to this, but I have heard from someone who did. It was apparently seen more as a light, but also as a physical three dimensional being at a different time and it smelt sweet. However we must remember that demons can take many different forms and are fallen angels: but in this case would seem unlikely. One difference is that demons are evil. Angels are always good: except for when some fell in the bible becoming demons. But genies seem to have a choice, because they range from very good to the very bad. In fact no one view of these beings is correct, experience seems to bring a cynicism. One quite profound similarity is that people believe all three beings can be commanded.

It is believed that if you know the true name of any demon, angel or genie then you can command it. There are however complications and it is not normally seen as quite that easy. A lot of the time this is done with by putting something on paper to make a talisman. The paper can then be places into something or carried around: just as a genie was in Aladdin in his lamp, in the same way it can be in other things. Normally however it is given just one command. The talisman must be made with one task in mind for the demon, angel or genie. The fact that they have to obey under certain conditions is what makes then different from us: someone knowing our name does not make us obey them, as we have greater free will.

Another similarity between them is that they are all occult beings, and are in lots of ways separate from us. They seem to inhabit a different world only being seen when they want to be. Demons can possess a person, so can a genie some people believe: although only the bad ones want to. But angels do not possess people. It is best to see genies as a different explanation of the same phenomenon. That it is an equivalent was of categorising demons and angels.

So in fact if we ask what do demons, angels and genies have in common: quite a lot, which is only to be expected as they are really one and the same thing just categorised differently and looked at differently from different cultures and traditions. This is what we must not ever lose sight of: that all books and religions are ways of categorising these strange beings. There will be other new ways of categorising them being formed now. Perhaps on the internet from peoples experiences and the international communication it allows.

Author: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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