How Intelligent are Ghosts or Demonic Entities?

To answer this I must clarify what they are. A ghost is an entity that is the spirit of a dead person. The person may be male or female and may have died at any time in the past. A demonic entity is a demon, an evil entity linked to Hell and Satan: of course here in reality classification crosses over, as lots of demonic entities will be interpreted as ghosts, and vice a versa. But I will concern myself with how intelligent they are. It is common to think of such entities as intelligent: after all Satan is normally viewed as being clever and cunning. So therefore we would assume the same for his demons. Why would the ghost of a person be less clever then the person themself when alive. This all seems perfectly logical. However many cases where a person has reported a demon or ghost show no signs of intelligence at all.

A lot of cases go like this: a person says they have a demon or ghost, they may have been throwing something around, and a person is acting differently, there is an exorcism or some type of ritual to get rid of the demon or ghost, the end. There are no sign of intelligence from the being, no subterfuge. The same for many beings and seen as shadows and various things, if we examine them carefully then we see a picture unlike what we think we see. Just because an apparition or demon is human shape does not mean it is intelligent. In fact I have generally observed a level of intelligence more akin to an animal. There are many examples of this such as ghosts which always do the same thing. But the assumption of intelligence always persist, even fairies and leprechauns are thought of as intelligent. Not that are any less deserving than many other things people have experienced.

But such conclusions are not necessarily true. Think on this is you could only see a part of your life when you sat in front of the TV, or could see you in front of your pc but not what you were doing what conclusion would you make? Now think that you are a different type of being, and what difference to your conclusion that may make? Also there are cases when such is not true, when intelligence has been shown. For instance when people have used Ouija boards and the messages they have gotten. If we suppose these did not come from the people taking part then surely they show a sign of intelligence. Also at times it seems that demons can understand what people are saying irrespective of what language they are talking in: something we cannot do. However a computer can do this with ease and is not thought of as intelligent. There is one case I dealt with which is not unique but has an interesting feature. It was a case when a person had been cursed by a voodoo priestess: I know this because they told them. These voodoo curses normally use what we approximated as being an ancestor: a ghost: or some kind of demonic entity. Note I am not saying that voodoo is about demons.

In fact many practitioners of voodoo think of themselves as practicing a type of Christianity. However an angel will not want to do something bad and demons equivalents exist in the belief system: although I cannot claim to be a practitioner of voodoo. However after this entity had possessed one person: suggesting a demon: and things were thrown around an priest was called in. He performed the usual ritual and all seemed fine. However after four or five hours the entity started again throwing things around. Please note I am not attacking the priest here. But the point is it realised that if it lay low, everyone would think it had gone; thus displaying intelligence. It even waited long enough for him to go away and not be near enough to easily come back. I was called in and dealt with the matter and it went and did not come back. Obviously if the priest had come back it certainly would have went for good. But it tricked him and everyone there by laying low. It threw things around and realised if it stopped for a while, everyone would think it had gone, a clear sign of intelligence. I like to wait a while if I can and have people check back just in case on cases like this. So how intelligent are ghosts or demonic entities? It varies a lot: more so than in humans. But best to assume the worst just to be on the safe side.

Author: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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