What is Psychic Vampirism?

Psychic vampirism
Psychic vampirism put simply is when a person drains the energy from another person without physical contact. It can happen irrespective of the distance between the two people. It is important that the two people have seen each other and is normally done by people who have seen each other many times: this makes psychic vampirism easier. For this reason it is unlikely to be someone you do have never met. It is the magical draining of energy. By energy I do not mean electricity or anything like that: usually it is thought of as energy like prana energy, chi or ki. But what I can say for certain is that it removes a person's vigour. It negatively affects their ability to think, do any physical activity, be creative. In fact it drains a person's life force. It removes a person's ability to function as normal.

I personally have dealt with cases in which a person was unable to stay awake for more than a few hours a day for 18 months due to a psychic vampirism attack: until I lifted the curse. In some cases the person will take on characteristics of the person they are draining. Sometimes the person wants to be the other person and take on their identity and uses some type of spell or magic to drain them of energy. Sometimes the person takes on the others traits accidentally: as they just wanted the energy.

I have known people be told by someone that they wanted to be them and sometimes this is the reason behind the attack. This started with them dressing like them and proceeding with them trying to get their friends, interests even the same career. In fact anyone deliberately being like you is a warning sign, that the person could be draining you of energy. The person being attacked sometimes has dreams in which they are warned by the subconscious what is going on: that they are being attacked by psychic vampirism. However this is not always deliberate and any person wanting to be like another person can cause this. Especially if they start to dress like you: this is the reason why many people feel tired if a person they know starts to deliberately try to look like them. Some people do this so much that they identify themselves as psychic vampires: otherwise known as chi vampires.

Vampires are not just imaginary creatures of fiction or legend they really exist. They are the people who, having never received love, settle for power instead, and become experts at robbing others of their vital energy. We have all known them (source: Amazon ).

There are whole online communities devoted to people who think of themselves or who want to be psychic vampires. These communities help people learn how to drain energy from people: although they also target each other: especially new people. Another point is that psychic vampires never get exactly what they want. The thing is they may feel invigorated for a while, but these energy types are more complex than people assume. In Chinese medicine it is thought that there is chi energy. This is split into ying and yang, or male and female. What is not generally understood is that each organ of the body: from a Chinese medicine standpoint: alters the chi, to prepare it for the next organ.

It is altered slightly by each organ in turn. So if you steal a persons energy you would get a mix of the altered variations of chi; the chi prepared for one organ is not meant for another in this unaltered form. It is like running a petrol car on diesel. You may be asking how will I know for sure if I am being drained by a psychic vampire? The answer is you probably will not. The best thing is to be proactive: if you at any time in your life had a religion, then a prayer from time to time will protect you. Or some type of protection spell or talisman for those who are witches, but most of all watch out for anyone copying you too closely.

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Author: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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