Which Subject should I choose Science or Commerce?


In science there are three main subjects which are biology, physics and chemistry. All these subjects are actually difficult to understand and require lot of hard work to master them. On the other hand, if you choose commerce you will have to master the subjects like economics, accountancy, business management and banking. Let us imagine a big company like Dell, who manufacture Dell computers and laptops. Since Dell produces computers and laptops, the company would need computer hardware engineers who will actually do the assembly of various parts of the computers to design a real working computer or a laptop. Similarly, engineers are needed in different fields of life. For example, aerospace engineers are needed in companies who manufacture and design aircrafts such as military or commercial airplanes. Mechanical engineers are needed for the production, design and use of various industrial tools and machines. Also, you cannot become a doctor or a chemist or laboratory assistance or a nurse unless you choose science as your subject.

Now getting back to the example of Dell Company above, the Dell Company would also need employees for the management of Dell business like they will need accountants to manage day to day purchase, sale and other types of bills. Also, the accountants will be needed to prepare the profit and loss balance sheet at the end of the year. They would also need people who can help with the marketing of the Dell products and staff would also be needed to manage the purchases and sales made for various dell products, on daily basis. The Dell Company would also need staff to manage the finances of their business like dealing with the share holders, bankers and other financial institutions. So for the management and promotion of their business, Dell would need professionals coming from the commerce stream while for the manufacturing and designing of various Dell products they would need engineers (coming from science stream).

The example in the paragraph above gives clear idea what subject you will need to choose according to what you want to become in life. Dreaming to become something in life is your right but you need to understand are you actually eligible to fulfill those dreams? Some students are excited to choose the science stream, as they want to become an engineer or a doctor, but later they fail miserably as they cannot cope and master the three main subjects in science. But if you are hard working and have an extra ordinary mind, you must not hesitate to choose the subject of science as your career in the field of education. If your family background is business, choosing the commerce subject is the best option as the subject of commerce teaches you the basics of business and the acquired knowledge would help to carry on with your family business. Parents who are doctors, or parents who are working in various engineering departments can actually help out their children with the right kind of guidelines if they want to enter into science stream. So taking help from parents could be very useful in deciding which subject is better for you.

But if you are just an average student commerce is the best subject to choose. Science is good for students who can think logically and have technical mind, and also have the reasoning power. If you can think like the great scientist, Albert Einstein, why a ball goes down instead of up when released from hand than you have a logical mind. To master the subjects like biology and chemistry in science you will need to have good memory power and there is tough competition in this field. Best is to follow the ancestral rule because all the qualities that a person has, comes from his/her parents and so it's good to follow your parents. If your father is a businessman, don't try to become a doctor or an engineer as there are 80% chances you may fail. But still a lot will depend on your self confidence and dedication. Also failing in commerce would actually get you somewhere but failing in the science stream won't let you settle anywhere. So commerce is a better option than science if you don't want to take chances in life.

But there are more streams and better scope in the field of engineering if you can succeed. Even if you are not selected in top engineering colleges through entrance exams still you can go with various diploma courses where many of the providers don't carry out any entrance exams for the admission. You will be selected on the basis of marks obtained in the school in the final year and you may also get the admission through donation. While in commerce scope is limited and you can only become CA, CS, CWA, MBA and they can be found at every corner of the street. But best thing is that knowledge acquired through commerce can be useful in the family business or any other type of business you are interested in. But finding a job after completion of CA, CS, CWA and MBA will not be difficult and earning 20,000 - 1,00,000 INR per month would be quite easy by doing jobs. Salary you will get will depend on your skills, experience and the company you are applying the job for.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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