How to Overcome Nervousness During Exams?

Nervous during exams

Education is an important part of life and if you are nervous and tensed before the examination it may affect your results in some way. So it's important to get out of it, and for that you will have to be in the relaxed state of mind before entering the examination hall. When you are nervous, you are not in relaxed state of mind. Get rid of the habit of revising your studies till the last moments, before the beginning of your exams. You should spend at least 15-20 minutes of your time to achieve that relaxed state of mind before leaving your home for the examination center. Once all the revisions are over in the morning, and if you think you are nervous or going to be nervous, than just sit on the mother earth at some peaceful place, close your eyes and try and look inside you. When you look inside just check out where from the nervousness is coming out. I mean to say try to find out the source of the nervousness. You will realize that the nervousness is coming out from somewhere near your central heart. Now just don't do any efforts and surrender to nervousness and just keep on concentrating on the source of nervousness. Keep your attention on the nervousness for at least 15-20 min and just watch it without doing any efforts and ultimately it will go off. You will need to make the nervousness your friend by looking at where it's originating from.

Sometimes the negative thoughts and fear makes you nervous. So you need to do something to get your attention away from those negative thoughts. But the truth is that the thoughts are directly related to your breath. When there are excessive thoughts your breathing activity also gets faster. Now only thing you need to do give your attention to your breath (so that breath comes in the relaxed state) as it goes up and down. You don't need to do any efforts to stop breathing but just watch your breath as it goes up and down in the central heart where your attention is. Do this activity for 15-20 min and finally you will realize that your breath has come to rest and as result of it negative thoughts will go away from your attention as your attention is now in the relaxed state as you practiced to concentrate on your moving breath. Now once you are in the relaxed state only thing you need to make sure is that don't let your attention go towards the negative thoughts. Just reach the examination center and spend some time with friends and talk to them so that your relaxed state of mind can be maintained and it doesn't go over to negative thoughts again.

This small meditation technique works great because we all human being are soul and not body. Soul doesn't have any fear, nervousness or negative thoughts in it. The soul of human being has complete strength and when you get your attention towards your soul it gives you strength and gets you free from tension, nervousness, fear, anxiety etc. But truth is that not all students feel nervous during exams as they are physically and mentally strong and well prepared. They are mentally and physically strong because the energy of soul is more in them and their body chakras (there are seven chakras in the human body) are more developed. That is also the reason that some students do well in exams without working too hard in their studies. So if you need some permanent solution you need to meditate on regular basis and develop your body chakras. You will have to bring in you the extra ordinary mind so that you can compete and do better than other students and that is not possible without doing meditation on regular basis. Another important thing is the hard work. You cannot be confident in exams and will feel nervous unless you have worked hard. Hard work is the key to success and if you are confident in your studies, nervousness cannot even touch you during examinations. Hope that helps.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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