Which is the Best Toy Train Set to Buy for Kids?

Lego City 7939

I know of a toy train set which is one of the best and biggest cargo train playsets where the cargo train actually moves on the curved tracks and that can also be controlled with the help of a remote control. But remember it is not a passenger train set but it's a working model of real life loading and unloading cargo train. This is a huge play set and once purchased online it will arrive at your home in a real big box, with different packages inside it, where each package contains individual plastic parts which need to be assembled according to instructions in the booklet to build the various components of the playset like the engine, different wagons that will be attached at the back of the engine, cargo itself, a working crane and the tracks. Several toy human figures like that of the train driver and several freight workers also included along with the playset for all the realism of a cargo station. The name of this playset is Lego City 7939 Cargo Train and it's manufactured by well known LEGO Toy Company.

The real challenge for the kids is to build this play set first prior to use (for play) and that actually will require lot of skills. Its not a kind of small train toy which when unpacked can directly be used to run on tracks through remote control. Since this is a huge playset which require all the great building and construction skills and the set need to be assembled and completed first with the help of more than 800 small plastic parts, it is not on the cheaper side but worth the prices as it would add to hours and hours of fun and entertainment for the kids. But definitely kids below the age of 4 years cannot have the required skills to build this play set and as a result not suitable for them. The construction of the playset would go something like this. Suppose first you want to construct the engine of the train.

So there will be a separate particular package containing all the small parts which are needed to construct the engine. Just open that package and take out all the small tiny pieces and assemble them and the engine would be ready. Similarly there will be a separate package containing all small pieces to construct oil tank wagon and you just need to open this package and build the tank wagon and attach it to the back of the engine (already constructed). Auto wagon (supplied with 2 small cars to be placed on the wagon) and flatbed container wagon can also be constructed in the similar way and can be attached to the oil tank wagon. There is also a separate package which is filled with total 42 track pieces to be snapped together to form the real toy tracks where the train would actually run.

But since the train runs on batteries there will be lot of batteries required and the consumption of batteries would be frequent. Buying rechargeable batteries would be a good option for this kind of playset as rechargeable batteries can be charged again through the mains. But these kind of rechargeable batteries along with an adopter need to be purchased separately. But the main reason one would buy this set is because of the fact that it looks professional and so colorful and also great for imaginative play. Kids would love to remain focused on it for longer duration of time.

This playset is also very eye-catching for the toddlers as well. Though they cannot assemble it but at least they can have great fun with the moving train which is running on tracks all around the big space occupied by those tracks in the home. Also the real working crane toy in the playset is worth to be noticed by children when it actually picks cars(landed on the ground) with the help of its hook and load them on the auto wagon behind the train. Kids are mad about LEGO toys and this train set could be a great gift for them.

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