Which are the Best ABC Learning Baby or Toddler Toys?

Making the children learn the alphabets is an essential task; however it could get a little complicated for the parents during times. Accordingly, this requirement is picked up well by the leading toy manufacturers and they have launched hundreds of products to choose from in the market. This guide will help the parents in the form of potential buyers of ABC learning toys for babies and toddlers.

While we browsed through innumerable brands and their products, it was discovered that LeapFrog is one of the major players when it comes to ABC learning products for different age groups. VTech brand products are also catching up in the market as well. This guide will showcase options mainly from these 2 famous renowned brands.

To begin with, it is worth to discuss about spinning wheels ABC learning products as they serve as the most classic form of learning alphabets. If you require making your kids to start from something basic and away from fancy, spinning wheels are way to go. These kinds of products are suitable for babies of 6-24 months age group. Your babies will love the LeapFrog products marked as no.1 and no.2 below as they gradually develop understanding of recognition of alphabets. Personalization options of animal sounds are available in plenty so as to invoke learning interest for babies via spinning wheels. You should go for these no.1 and 2 products of similar price range as they inculcate listening and learning values into your babies at young age via recitation of names of letters coupled up with sounds of animals. Early reading skills are known to be developed in plenty as your baby presses and spins its way to gradual learning on-the-go subconsciously. You can understand the sheer popularity of these no.1 and 2 products just by magnitude of customer reviews on any popular retail website.

1) Leapfrog Toys Abc Spinamals
2) LeapFrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo Ball

If you have a toddler who has great fascination for vehicular toys, then no.3 and 4 products suit as best buy options for you. No.3 product is for toddlers featuring interactive modes of play there are four modes which teach letters, numbers and alphabets. These products require babies to grow into toddlers to understand the complexity in toys and handle their operation there on. The operations and the modes factor distinguishes no.3 and 4 products mainly from the above 2 products targeted to perform the very same function of making your young ones learn alphabets. Language development and independency in playing are also inculcated in below products whereas absence of such features in no.1 and 2 above products makes sense since they are to be used merely by babies only. While the VTech bus product below is more famous and highly interactive for child's learning development, the LeapFrog no.4 product is no less; as this will make your toddler hop on board with alphabets, learning songs, vocabulary and even motor skills development. No.4 has three modes only, but each mode being powerful to kick-start your toddler's learning journey with music and rolling happily. As already advised earlier in this guide, LeapFrog has gone an extra step to make provision of online ideas and learning insights to parents to induce and expand learning in unimaginable ways.

3) VTech Red Playtime Bus
4) LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus

You can satisfy your babies' fascination for cute little animals via no.5 product below as it features learning on-the-go on the back till the tail of the dinosaurs' species. Your baby will love learning alphabets by pressing keys on dinosaurs' back one by one to utter rhythms and pronunciation patterns in no.5 product. The dinosaur theme is one different product that you can present your baby with all the affection with the motive of learning alphabets. Names of letters, their sounds, different colors and a melody to combine all pronunciations into one will make your baby's learning even more joyful.

5) LeapFrog Lettersaurus

If you want to present your toddlers with never seen before kind of toys, then no.6 product is something you should not miss. VTech has presented an entire learning class room full of miniature student models to teach your kids alphabets and their pronunciation. No.6 product will not only be interesting to learn, but the uniqueness in this product itself will captivate the senses of your toddlers with variety of learning modes. You can buy this product to make an innovative presentation to your kids the teacher in this classroom provides hints during play whereas the students pop up with answers and responses. The level of uniqueness and interactivity is taken to different heights via this different product rather than the usual ABC learning products in the market. It will be a great boon for your toddler to keep good memories of ABC learning during early stages of growing up to learn in a better way.

6) VTech ABC Learning Classroom

But if you are looking out for a classic age old technique of making children learn ABC in simple way, you should go for a combination of pronunciation sounds in British accent coupled up with tiles to stick on the letter board. The products in this category are like no.7 and 8 below. You can be rest assured that phonics can be practiced by your toddler in a fun way and this method of learning is highly promoted by school teachers themselves. These products require some understanding and attachment of letter tiles on board in response to automated voice commands. The target age for these products is 24 months and greater. Both have the guarantee of the brand value from LeapFrog; so you can be very confident about their purchase to reinforce the curriculum on your toddlers in a tactile play manner. The no.8 product has gone an extra step to incorporate 4 learning modes in a simplistic learning methodology. Both are very much portable to learn on the go. No. 8 product features Scout commands to respond to whereas no.7 features normal British accent voice.

7) LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics
8) LeapFrog Scout Letter Discoveries

We also present to your consideration a sci-fi product that can not only teach toddlers to recognize and pronounce ABC but also write tactfully on their own. No.9 product below from LeapFrog brand goes a step further and provokes children to scribble and trace the alphabets shapes on their own. The learning to write on their own is something that commendably distinguishes this no.9 product from all others above. You as a parent can get insight into how well your toddler is able to grasp writing skills on alphabets. Guidance provided is stroke by stroke with a child sized pen and single retraceable surface.

9) LeapFrog Scribble & Write

Finally we present to your notice about innovative drum ABC learning product for your toddler if you find an aptitude of drum beats music inside him as passion. You can go for this highly interactive product that features a drum for babies above 6 months and teaching is inculcated via lights and sounds. Although primarily targeted for babies, this drum can go hand in hand for fun and learning for toddlers also. The age span of this drum is varied across babies and toddlers, so you can consider this to be a long term use even when babies grow up into toddlers. Cause and effect knowledge is also built up in toddlers gradually via this product.

After looking at various top products in ABC learning, we believe you have found a great guide that distinguishes one product feature from another. It is recommended that you with product no. 3, 4, 5 and 6 to be there in your shortlisted choices because these are known to relate well amongst kids. Innovative products like no.9 and 10 can also be purchased to experiment with some different aspects of ABC learning.

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