Which are the Best Doll Toys to Buy?

Dolls form an integral part of the lives of the female children when they grow up. With a great advancement in the technology behind the toys in the market, you as a parent can choose from a variety of options to make provision of different featured doll for your little princess. Hasbro, Fisher Price, Barbie, etc. are some of the most trusted and reliable brands for you to choose from. Such brands have been introducing some innovative dolls in the market, thus giving your children whole new experience, joy and feature. Let us have a look at some of the best dolls shortlisted, and compare them categorically to make selection process of buying an easier task for you.

Interactivity feature between the girl child and the potential doll bought by the parent makes it an enjoyable experience for anyone to witness such a sight. There are dolls available in the market like the ones listed in no. 1 and no. 2 below that take interactivity levels to new heights. The doll is made to talk and walk automatically so that it could be in constant communication with your girl child. You can buy this toy if your girl is a great talker and loves being talked to. No. 1 and no. 2 pose cheaper and expensive option for you respectively, but they have their own features to rely on. No.2 although way more expensive, but will make absolutely sure that your girl child can never find an excuse to be bored when her playmate doll is around. There are up to 40 plus sounds combined with phrases that can make this doll your girl kid's ideal companion around. Hugs will make the doll interact in happier manner than regular times, whereas the no.1 option is interactive in judging moods aspect as well in the sense that it can cry real tears and consume real water. Both these dolls are best buy for realistic baby sounds and movements.

1) Baby Annabell Doll
2) Baby Alive Wanna Walk with 40+ Phrases and Sounds


Another great option for you is to buy dolls with swimming theme. It is a great cause of attraction for the girl child to have a doll in her life that projects itself as being passionate for water. This makes the girl children to incorporate their own character and the liking for water into the activities of the doll. Hence if you find water fascination in your kids, then perhaps no. 3 and 4 are the best buy options for you to read your girls characters and make them happy and cheerful. No.3 poses a sweet mermaid theme, which shall surely be the most adored theme of your little girl. She as a doll can dive off the tub side into water and swim upon her back once exposed to fully fledged water level. The girls can push Dora's fin against tub wall and initiate swimming activities from side kicking the wall! No.4 is a similarly themed product, although little expensive, but will feature realistic baby figure rather than just a mermaid. Actions are similar for both products below, like swimming action inside the bath tub doing the crawl with her arms and legs.

3) Dora the Explorer Dive and Swim Mermaid
4) Baby Born Mummy I can Swim Doll


It is no rule that dolls must be fair and charming and the babies will like them, something different of an appearance taste does no harm, which makes way for tanned and Afro-American toys like no. 5 and 6 below. No 5 is a complete African American doll for your cute princes to pretend play potty training milestone stuff. Girls are excited with silly sounds and giggly phrases when this doll goes for potty and there is even a scope for surprise in the potty so do not forget to flush! You can definitely buy this toy for inculcating hygiene activities silently into your kids' minds since being loaded with hand sanitizer, sippy cup and other accessories teach kids about sanitation stuff. No. 6 is also not a fair white plush doll like traditional ones. It sets the right foot forward for girls who have a passion for exercising, with this toy focusing on gymnastics all the way. You can choose to buy this gymnastics themed doll to inculcate body flexibility values in your girl, for they will love to alter the body positions of the doll by manipulating with the hands, legs, waist, neck and hear gymnastics songs on the go. Due to high levels of battery operations and kicks, headstands, backbends, no.6 product is wise to be bought by you for higher age of your kids being 6+ years.

5) African American Little Mommy Princess Potty Doll
6) Fisher-Price Fantastic Gymnastics Dora


If all this seems fine, but if you really want to surprise your girl with a different handmade toy out of the classic wooden material, then no.7 provides you great value. It is a Russian brand of wooden dolls, which are colorfully decorated to suit nesting activities. The design and colorfulness of these dolls are much commendable in order to cause an instant attraction to girls. The girls will be blessed with this toy since it is a way different dolls' set as compared to the conventional baby life sized toy that responds and entertains. You may choose no. 7 set as a random pick for cheerfulness and colorful collection.

7) Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls (7 pieces)

Now, all of us know that the Barbie theme fascinates most and one of the greatest hits of the century in the world of dolls. It is wise for you to buy Barbie themed dolls set like no.8 and 9 featured Barbie brand dolls below. One features Barbie as a fashionista pop star singer while the other poses Barbie as an eye candy for camera photo shoot. Both these dolls come in similar price group and have embedded electronics in the form of microphone and camera utilities respectively. These dolls raise the bar of play sessions and no.9 is targeted for higher age groups of 6+ years due to camera operations.

8) Barbie Princess and the Popstar Tori Doll (Microphone)
9) Barbie Photo Fashion Camera Doll


Now we save the best for the last in terms of sheer replica of real life babies. There have been great products like no. 10-12 launched below that take interaction with dolls to new levels of playfulness. These replicate the moods, actions and activities that a baby of 1 year old will do in terms of many things crying, consumption of food and water, potty, diaper cleaning, etc. Moods like giggling, laughing, baby sounds, cribbing, etc. all the way. Bouncing up and down of no.10 doll could be facilitated by squeezing hands. Below listed dolls are arranged in increasing price ranges for your reference. The price paid for these dolls are directly proportional to the life size replica how well it is made, the interactivity features as well as accessories and activities coupled up for your girl child via these dolls. No.12 doll might seem like too expensive, but rest assured, but the interactivity is such that the doll sits, stands, walks along with you, etc, all by her. This 6AA batteries operated doll serves best automated companion for kids of 3+ years. Interactivity also includes 60 phrases, sounds and songs I product no. 12.

10) Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles
11) Hasbro Baby Alive My Real Baby
12) Fisher Price Little Mommy Walk N' Giggle

Thus I have presented some great doll products for you to choose one. Remember that the features of interactivity are targeted for products no.1-2, 6 and 10-12, so choose to buy a good one if looking for interactivity. You can also try something classic and different from usual like Russian themed no. 7. Hope this review classifying different doll products according to target market group, features set and utility helps to buy desired pick for you.



My no.1 recommendation to buy would be no.12 which is most exciting.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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