How to save money on energy bills in winter?

save money on energy bills
Winter is slowly but surely coming. We can already feel the weather getting colder, especially during the night. Everybody starts preparing thicker clothes and jackets and thinks with fear about the upcoming energy bills. We will need to stay warm, but without reaching bankruptcy. Luckily, there are some ways to cut down your bills during this winter. You still have time to do some adjustments to your home, before winterís cold weather strikes. Some changes will imply a small investment, but the savings you will make in your bills will help you recover that money back and keep bills low for a longer period. Also, you must learn new habits around the house, which will help you but back consumptions on one side, to be prepared when you will need to start consuming energy for heat.

1. Install double or triple glazing windows

The windows are the main problem of a house when it comes to insulating. A lot of heat is lost if the windows are old, cracked, if they donít close properly, or have just one layer of glass. Consider replacing your old windows with new double or triple glazing windows and you will feel the difference. Most probably you can feel cold air around the windows if you get close to them. That means that your heater will have to work extra to heat that incoming air. You can stop this by replacing the windows with reliable ones like double or triple glazing windows. This page contains a guide to >> double glazing costs .

2. Add more insulation to the loft

As you may know, the hot air is lighter. Thus, it will go up. If your attic is not insulated, all the hot air will be lost through this area. Insulating your loft is not such a massive and expensive operations, especially if it is an inhabited space. Doing do, you will prevent the hot air to escape, the impact being positive on your bills.

3. Install cavity wall insulation

Again, another operation that can save you loads of money. Between your face brick, on the outside, and masonry blocks, on the inside, there is a space that can be filled with polyurethane foam. The foam is very dense, not allowing the cold air from the outside to get through the walls in, or letting the warm air from the inside escape. Insulating your entire house like this will be felt immediately in your bills, which will be noticeable smaller.

4. Donít let the light bulbs run

Try to teach yourself, and all your family members, to turn off the light when exiting a room. You donít need light in a room no one is present, and such a habit can drastically reduce your costs. This simple habit will help you save about £200 every year. Also, you may want to keep in mind to check your coffee machine, toaster, and other small appliances, and unplug them. If left on, these little consumers can add up to your final energy bill.

5. Use your dishwasher at full capacity

You know, a lot of energy is used when water needs to be heated in your dishwasher. Thus, use the machine only when it is fully loaded, to avoid any waste. It is a rule that can be successfully applied in the case of washing machines as well. While washing your clothes, try using programs with cold water, as often as possible.

6. Get more showers

While showering, you consume less water and less energy. Thus, try showering more often and leave baths only for the seldom relaxation moments. You will thank yourself for this later. Also, you should know that there are showerheads that are more economical, helping you reduce the consumption of resources.

7. Be careful with your thermostat

Winter should not be like the summer, so better turn your thermostat down a little, and even consider putting a sweater over that t-shirt. Even changing the temperature with 1 degree can help you save a lot. So see how much you can reduce, to still feel comfortable and take care of your wallet.

8. Energy saving appliances should have a priority

Do you need to replace an appliance? Then go for the ones in the superior energy saving group. The new appliance generations are made to consume less. They might be a bit more expensive than the average, but you will find the lost money in your energy bills. Thus, you are going to make an investment for the future. Each appliance model that is more economical will contribute to saving a lot of pounds.

9. Turn off radiators in rooms that are not used

Just like in the case of light bulbs, radiators do not need to stay on, if they donít heat anyone. Current radiators get hot pretty fast, so you donít need to keep them running without a purpose. They are also major energy consumers, expanding your energy bill in a serious manner. So use radiators only where you stay around the house and only when you are at home. Turn them off when you head out, or leave just one to keep the atmosphere warm.

10. Use a green energy supplier

If you want to do some serious savings, turning to green energy may be your best decision. Tariffs for green energy are much lower, as authorities wish to encourage the population to use it. Now, you should be prepared to do an investment in this direction, but you will get your money back with the help of your energy bill savings.

So you see, there are many ways to reduce energy consumption and keep your bills low even during winter. The best part is that you can do all of the previously mentioned tips, or at least most of them, so you will add up pounds saved from each method. In the end, you will be the one that will have to gain, because your wallet will be thicker than usual. So instead of being worries about the coming of winter, establish an action plan to reduce the consumption of energy, using any of the methods you just found out.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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