How to migrate your email account from Yahoo to Gmail?

Are you feeling distressed with the hassles of Yahoo email services? You are on the right page. An easy solution to your problems is to move to another email services. Be it speed, inadequate spam filtering, limit of advertisements or the user interface, Yahoo has not been too great in satisfying the customers' expectations as compared to Gmail in the rapidly changing electronic era. People who have a very basic knowledge about internet always desire a simple yet accomplished email service with a simple user interface and faster speed.

Gmail, being invented by the most innovative company, Google Inc., has been quite successful in maintaining balance between innovation and simplicity. Even the most important feature of safety is taken care of by strong systems of Google. Some of the augmented features of Gmail can be listed down as below, based on the personal experiences of the users.

Advertisements ' Gmail shows advertisements only in the inbox; Yahoo shows these annoying and intrusive advertisements both in the mailbox as well as the interface.

Spam filters ' Yahoo sometimes blocks important emails and does not stop the evident spam emails! Google certainly has a spam and a differentiation system within spam filter.

Language support ' Google offers support for many more languages than the Yahoo mail.

Closing Accounts ' Yahoo mail closes your account if not in use for 4 months while in gmail it is not so.

Speed ' Google offers much faster surfing than Yahoo. Yahoo many-a-times opens in html version even if the internet bandwidth is high!

User utility Features ' Google offers some additional features like email labels, automatic forwarding, 'from' address customization, conversation grouping, attachment size limit etc.

Here is good discussion on how gmail is better than yahoo mail.

I am sure the above differences are evident enough to point that Gmail scores much higher than Yahoo in terms of features and services. If you have decided to move your email account from Yahoo to Google, here are a few steps which will facilitate a smooth conversion without much sweat.

Here are 20 steps to take to migrate your email account from Yahoo to Gmail

1. Go to and sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on the 'Settings' under the gear-like icon in the Top right corner.

3. Click 'Accounts & Import' tab in the different tabs you can see in the top line.

4. Enter the full address of your Yahoo mail account, e.g.

5. Now, click on 'next step'.

6. Enter the password of your Yahoo mail account. If you want to label the emails from yahoo separately, check the box 'label incoming messages'

7. Click on 'add account'.

8. Enter your full name. Check the box if you want to treat your Yahoo mail as an alias.

9. Click on 'next step'. Verify your details and click on 'send verification'

10. Open new window, sign into your Yahoo mail account and open the email sent from the Gmail team. Click on the link.

11. Go to your Gmail page and enter the confirmation code from the email. Click on 'Verify'.

12. Now click on 'next step'

13. Again open the Yahoo mail tab and click the link in the email.

14. Click on the address book icon on the bottom.

15. Click on the word Actions at the top of your contacts list and click Export.

16. Type the verification code in the box and click on 'Export now'.

17. Check the 'vCard single file' and click 'Export now'.

18. Open Gmail tab and go to contacts

19. Click on 'more' tab and select 'import'.

20. Click 'Choose File' and locate the vCard file downloaded earlier. Click 'Import'.

Here you are, done with the migration to Gmail from Yahoo. Gmail is commonly considered to be more potential, easier to use and faster than its other competitors. Those who have used other email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL mail services would surely feel the difference. The additional benefits with Gmail are the ease of synchronisation with your Android phones, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Play and Google Drive etc. Thus, rather than deactivating the Yahoo mail account, migration is always a better option to maintain both the emails synchronized together on your smart device!

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice