What are the best Educational apps for Children?

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Each year, every month, every minute new apps for children are being released. These life saver apps can be free or cost from $0.99 and upwards. There are various excellent educational iPhone and iPad apps for kids in subjects such as mathematics, phonics, early reading , shape recognition and even computer programming.

First Letters and Phonics

Priced at $1.99 and developed by Learning Touch, this app features songs about letters and their shapes. Little kids will have fun, singing the letter sounds and different words. It has captivating graphics and illustration along with friendly narration as well as it features alphabet songs by musician Debi Derryberry.

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas launches a virtual trip around the world on your iPhone or iPad. You start your journey on a 3D animated globe, and you can tap icons to get information about the places, people, wildlife, and climate of that particular area. Photos, illustrations, and narration by BBC broadcaster Nicholas Crane, makes this an interesting experience. A favorites list can be added to the library for a return journey.

Endless Reader

This iphone/ipad app is more than just spelling, it introduces sentence construction too. The words are shorter or they are just sight words easily recognizable by children, but the app focuses on how they fit into sentences and is very entertaining. This is a free download for iPhone and iPad on Apple's App Store.

Toca Lab

This app focuses on science in a playful and creative way. In virtual laboratory, kids can play with 118 elements from the periodic table. The experiments include spinning in a centrifuge, warming them up in the Bunsen burner or putting the element on ice. This hopes to make children interested in science, or even more, to create future scientists to explore rather than just study reactions.

The Human Body by Tinybop

The Human Body by Tinybop is the app that will help children understands how the human body works. Children can explore the working model of the body. Every part of the body like heart, lungs and skin are animated and interactive. It is for children aged four and up and it has an interesting recording mode, where you can ask and answer questions.

Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers

This is a game app which is free to play, released by Kuato Studios and teaches children, the JavaScript language to build their own virtual robots to battle against friends.

Learn with Homer

This app features Homer, a cartoon homing pigeon. Aimed to help three to six year-olds, with their reading, it is an impressive collection of stories, phonics exercises, drawing, and games to engage children in reading.

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

Shapes adapt well to the touchscreen of iphone or tablets and can be an interesting topic for children's app with shape-recognition for small kids or more complex geometry for advanced learning. This app has a game that has math puzzles and engages children to solve them in order to unlock the legend of the Shape Master. It has four difficulty levels, with structures of butterfly, mountain goat, turtle, and dragon.

Montessori Math

For adding and subtracting large numbers, this app helps children by applying Montessori teaching technique. It uses three different techniques such as a bead frame, a writing slate/blackboard and a stamp game. This app aims to help build math confidence in children and suited for kids six to eight years old.

Writing Wizard

This iPhone / iPad app helps children trace all the letters of English alphabet in an interesting way. There are games and kids can trace any word they like. A star-collecting system track progress and the parents and teachers are able to monitor that progress or even customize the app to suit individual kids.

Overall, these apps don't necessarily focus on individual academic skills, but rather they improve kids' ability to think, inter connect, and use information in various levels.

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