What is a ghost?

Ghost is the soul of a dead person who tries to possess someone to fulfill his/her desires. As you know we all human beings are soul and not body. When a person dies his soul gets separated from his/her body (Is there any life after dealth?). However some people are full of lust and very much attached to worldly things or may be they want to take revenge from someone, whom they hated when on earth as a living being. Some people when they die, some of their desires are unfulfilled. So the soul of such people don't take a new birth but they try to possess someone by entering into their body so that their desires can be fulfilled and these are called unsatisfied souls. Such dead spirits are called ghosts who enter into other living bodies unauthorized. For example, there might be a drunkard who dies suddenly. Since drinking is a lust in him, so even after his death, he would try to possess someone or we can say try to enter into the body of another living person on the earth who is also a drunkard. He would do this so that he can drink when in the body of that living person.

A normal person if he drinks everyday, but suddenly if you find him drinking a lot more than he does normally, it might be a case of possession by a ghost. It might also be that a person doesn't drink at all but after being possessed by a ghost may start drinking a lot as the ghost might be a drunkard and it tends the person to drink. But not all ghosts have lust for drink. A dead spirit always try to acquire a body as it gives all the comforts when living in a physical body which is not there after getting out of the body after the death. But a ghost cannot just possess anyone. People who are immoral and doesn't respect their chastity usually get possessed. If you are possessed by a ghost the major symptoms would be that you loose all the control over your body and the ghost inside you mostly control your body. You may jump, cry, weep, scream, shiver and mostly you are completely lost. Demons are evil spirits and ghosts are one of them. So a ghost is a demon and part of it. Even in bible its said you can get possessed by demons (source:compellingtruth.org)

Please note: the information presented here is based on few lectures of Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga and a spiritual guru). One of her lectures being here www.sahajayoga.net.au/question-when-you-depart-from-this-body-where-does-the-spirit-where-do-the-energy-stay/ based on possession by dead spirits.

Written By: Rajesh Bihani, New Delhi, India

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