Should Creationism be Taught in Schools?

It is a historical and seemingly never ending battle. Although the US constitution put in place a distinct separation between church and state, religious groups attempt again and again to push religion into public view. Their sights have again turned on public schools as they try to force teachers to present creationism as science alongside evolution. Supporters of this act maintain that creation is equally as scientifically viable as evolution while opponents stress that it is clearly a religious agenda and does not belong in public science classrooms.

John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research, one of the largest supporters of creationism in schools, writes that creationism, or as it is now spinned, Intelligent Design, is merely labeled as religion by people who believe in evolution. He therefore states that it should be taught in public schools because it wouldn't violate the constitution and would present a better understanding of our origins. However, he then writes that both creationism and evolution are religion and that the latter is dishonest and unscientific (Go to to read more what he said).

In addition, other creationists argue that creation should be taught alongside evolution because it will provide children with a diverse education as well as stating that it might be true. These groups dispute the notion that creation is religion while at the same time wanting to use religious literature, the Bible, as scientific evidence. They claim that creation should not be considered any less of a science than evolution as they stress that the latter is merely a theory.

Those who oppose teaching creationism in public schools do so mainly because it is religious and not scientific. The National Center for Science Education contends that although comparative religion classes, which teach of the history and differences of various religions, should be taught in public schools, creationism does not belong in a science class. They write that the creationist argument, which states that religion and every other science is a belief system, is not practical in a public school setting. Denying that Intelligent Design is religion is complete misrepresentation and therefore teaching it in public schools violates the establishment clause of the constitution. The other creationist argument, that presenting evolution as science is irresponsible as it a theory, is attributed to the fact that creation groups do not understand the meaning of the word theory in a scientific context (source: Penn & Teller: Bullshit - Season 1 - Ep 8: Creationism).

Every subject taught in science classrooms, from DNA replication to the human urinary system, has been tested with the use of the scientific method. This is comparable to a protocol and it must be followed before an idea will be accepted among scientists and included in school curriculum. The scientific method is a process which begins with a hypothesis which is thoroughly tested, analyzed, and then peer-reviewed. Evolution, including all of its supporting evidence, has gone through this process and has been tested for falsifiability, validity, and reliability. It has passed this test and it is therefore acceptable to be taught in schools. Creationism, and it biblical support, has never been tested using the scientific method but rather viewed by believers as plausible.

Plausibility does not present scientific evidence and therefore creationism should not be taught in science classrooms. The desire for it to be forced into public curriculum is done so with a religious agenda and as such it would violate the constitution. Most public schools offer bible studies as an elective course and private schools, which are not funded by taxpayers, are free to present creationism as science. Parents have many options, including themselves, for teaching their children that man's origins are a result of a creator. Therefore, public schools should reserve the right to deny teaching creationism in science classes and instead present evolution as the most scientific and empirically supported origin theory.

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