Which are the Best Toy Books to Buy for Babies?

Toy books are special kind of books made from fabric or cloth (not paper)or plastic which usually have 3-6 folds where all folds (pages) can be opened in a single line but usually open like a real book. On both sides of each fold there are lots of things to entertain babies like different pictures printed on the fabric in different colors accompanied by a button to play sounds and music.

Lamaze, a toy manufacturer, is better known to produce such toys to stimulate baby's vision, auditory senses, touch and feel senses and fine motor skills. So I would recommend buying no.1 toy book as below which is really good to entertain babies and is sold by Lamaze. This Lamaze toy book has four folds and the book is made from soft fabrics with different black and white patterns (like square, circles, triangles etc) printed on the fabric on one side of the book. People usually buy separately some toys which make different sounds like rattle, squeak, crinkle, jingle etc to entertain babies. But if you need all of them in one than buying this book is good as it has all you need at one place. One each fold on one side there is one toy dangling (also made from fabric with different animal face on each of them) and making different kind of sounds (like rattle, squeak, crinkle, jingle) when pressed by baby. Other side of this toy book has lot of animals (like owl, goat etc) pictured on the soft fabric to attract babies. This toy can also be attached to the crib or cot and also good for baby's tummy time (when baby rests on her belly or stomach on the floor). This toy book can also be made to stand upright on the surface for a clear view of different things on the book. Prices are also cheap.

1) Lamaze Soft Activity Puzzle

Here is another toy book no.2 below from Lamaze which has four folds but all the folds don't open in a single line like the no.1 above and it also has a hook attached to hold the book and hang it from somewhere if needed. It actually opens like a real book and made from textured fabrics as most book toys are. Other features are almost the same like the pages make crinkling, squeeking and rattling sounds and also has an attached teething ring for the baby to chew on it. The book itself can also be chewed by some babies and it's harmless. The various pictures printed on the book pages are those of various woodland characters like owl, bear, bird and a star and all make some sounds depending on which character is pressed.

2) Lamaze Classic Discovery Book

Consider buying no.3 below from Lamaze (Learning Curve) if you want to make your babies to learn about the different animals like bear, dog, cow, skunk, penguin, whale, zebra, bee and tiger and what sounds each one of them makes. All these living creatures are printed on different pages of the book. Panda bear is the theme of this book and it's printed on the cover page of this toy book. Panda on the cover pages makes a crinkling sound. You can buy no.3a below if you also need a rattling panda plush toy along with the panda book. Watch the video review below for no.3a for more clear view.

3) Lamaze Panda's Pals Soft Activity Book
3a) Lamaze Panda's Pals High Contrast Book & Toy Gift Set

If you want the peek-a-boo game in a toy book than you should go with no.4 as below. It's unique in the sense that if you will find some extra textured cloth sewed on the face of each page which would hide a certain animal picture printed on the face. As the child would remove this textured cloth it will disclose the animal picture behind it and that's what the peek-a-boo is. Two of them are like a leaf cloth is hiding an owl while the tree cloth is hiding the moose. Other animals involved are like racoon, bear and beaver. This is really interesting book toy than all the above. Watch a video below for more reviews.

4) Lamaze Peek a Boo Forest Soft Book

If you need another exciting toy book based on the theme of Princess Cinderella with ruffles on her skirt than consider buying no.5 below. Some of its cloth pages crinkle when opened while the last page squeaks when pressed by the baby. There is also a plastic made teether attached for the child to have something to take into the mouth. Watch this below video for more clear view. Its really nice looking and good to try it if you need something different than what others are buying.

5) Disney Princess Activity Storybook from Kids Preferred

Consider buying the no.6 below from Vtech if you need a colorful toy book made from high quality plastic instead of the fabrics. It's quite expensive but has lot of features. Basically it's a book that plays seven different nursery rhymes and also lights are emitted as the child turn its pages and it's really great to improve auditory senses of the child. The nursery rhymes played are very popular and so must be familiar to baby. Batteries are required to play rhymes and blink lights. Watch a video of this product as below. The product may slightly differ in the video but the concept is the same. Consider buying no.6a below if you need only 6 nursery rhymes and somewhat less fun but with much cheaper prices. Watch the video of this product below as well. If you want to go with the best seller than no.6b below is the choice for you.

6) Vtech Infant Learning Rhyme and Discover Book
6a) VTech Peek-a-Boo Book (Pink)
6b) VTech Nursery Rhymes Book

Here is a different kind of toy book as no.7 below which is different from rest of the toy books above in the sense that it is waterproof and used while giving bath to the baby. This is pack full of 20 different types of songs, melodies and sounds for the complete entertainment of the baby during bathing. Also helps to learn numbers and body parts. But there are only 3 pages in it and monkey is the most popular picture printed on this plastic made toy which is also easy to clean.

7) Vtech Splash and Sing Bath Book

You may be wondering if there is a toy book also available for purchase in your most popular Fisher Price brand? Yes there is and that is no.8 below but it has only 3 pages for babies to turn and it's also made from plastic material. It's based on the theme of forest animals and play different phrases when the pages are turned one by one. There is also a button to generate sounds of different animals like a tortoise, duck etc and also generate some learning songs. This is highly recommended if you are a fan of Fisher Price brand. This book also looks very attractive in different color shades and worth to consider for buying as prices are also cheap.

8) Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy's Animal Friends Book

Here are some toy books to consider based on different themes

9) East Coast Nursery Discover Book (based on the theme of the fairy wand)
10) VTech Hello Kitty Soft Book (based on Hello Kitty Character theme)

Hope the review would help in some way.

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