Which Books were Banned in United States?

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For as long as there have been books, there have been those who seek to censor what we read. There always seems to be a controversy around the most famous classics, a crowd who deemed it profane or inappropriate and attempted to lock it away from the eyes of readers everywhere. Many believe that the concept of banning books has died out; however, such is not the case. Even in this modern age, the United States, a country that prides itself on freedom, still finds books that are banned in school districts and libraries all across our 50 states. This article contains just a few books that have been banned in our country for interesting (read-ridiculous) reasons.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank's diary is a classic example of non-fiction that is required reading by many American school children in the last several years. Her diary, penned in 1944, captured the heart and soul of life as a Jew during the Holocaust, and helps bring the experience to life for many children who cannot see past the pages of history book. However, some schools refuse to allow the book, banning it on grounds that it is 'sexually explicit' Anne, a young girl, describes changes in her body and her growing feelings for the boy she was hiding with. One Alabama district even banned it for being 'a real downer.'

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

This novel is a timeless classic of friendship adored by many, unless you live in Kansas. This book found itself yanked in the Sunflower State because many parents believe that talking animals is the work of the devil, and that just doesn't fly in a good, Christian state like Kansas. According to the complaint that lead to the book being pulled, humans are the highest form of the creation and the only ones capable of speech, and to suggest otherwise is an insult to (the Christian)God. Goodbye, Charlotte and Wilbur!

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Harper Lee's tale of a racist south told through the eyes of young Scout is one of the most challenged books in our nation's history. It has been banned going as far back as the 1960's for a wide variety of reasons. The book does contain profanity, some spoken by a young Scout who is trying to prove she is no longer a child. There is also rampant use of 'the n word,' unsurprising as the story takes place in a very racist Southern town. The other thing that bothers many is the rape that the books court case is based around. Graphic details of the alleged attack are spared, but the fact that it is mentioned at all makes many readers uncomfortable. The book has even been protested for suggesting there was a possibility that a white woman could have feelings for a black man. Scandalous, indeed!

The Dictionary

Don't worry, you read that correctly. The Dictionary is, in fact, on this list of banned books. Because if a dictionary should be banned from any place, it is a place of learning. What could possibly be offensive about a dictionary, you ask? Why, the language, of course! Just open the book yourself. It includes work that include, but certainly are not limited to: ass, knocker, bed, balls, bitch, nipples, homosexual, and mistress, just to cover a few. 'Objectionable language' is the official ruling that got the American Heritage Dictionary banned in Alaska. You may now facepalm or read more here.

Please know, dear reader, that no book deserves to be banned. Books are a gateway to another world, a balm in times of sadness, and a source of information during plagues of ignorance. Banning books does only harm, never good. While those who seek to establish these bans may be well intentioned, the fact remains that no one benefits from being deprived of a book, especially in this age where the written word appears to be dying. So grab your favorite books, mutter your favorite lines like a prayer, and fight for our right to read.

Written by: Chinesa Rose Rusch, United States.

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