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Gone are the days when watches were used just to tell the time. Nowadays, watches are considered fashion accessories. Watches are used as means to show one’s social status. Luxury watches are made for the super rich who have plenty of money to spend. We have compiled below a list of famous watch brands globally recognized and equally exorbitant. Rankings have not been provided because it would be injustice to put one over the other.


The Swatch owned Swiss brand is based in Biel/Bienne, switzerland and is one of the world’s most recognized watch brands. Omega watches have stood the test of time and the history of Omega’s dominance in the watch industry dates back to 1917 when it was chosen to be Britain ’s Royal Flying Corps combat units’ official timekeepers. The Olympic Games have continued to keep Omega its official timekeeping device since the 1932 games ( The brand is known to be the first watch brand to make it to the moon. Omega watches are exclusively worn by James Bond in the Bond movies ( This trend has been taking place since 1995. Annually, over 800,000 watches are manufactured by Omega. Check prices on Amazon .


If Swatch were a swimmer, it would be Michael Phelps; such is its dominance in the market. The brand has sold over 500 million watches since 1983 ( Swatch remains to be a dominant force in the market because of its versatility. Apart from the original plastic watches, the brand has diversified its market to several sectors and several age groups. They sell diving watches, thin and flat bodied watches, metal bodied watches, internet connected watches etc. Swatch continually reinvents itself according to times and even produces seasonal themed watches. Most recently it has partnered with the jewellery line Swarovski to create a line of luxury watches (source:wikipedia). Check prices on Amazon


Patek Philippe is one of the several lines of watches from the land of watchmakers, Switzerland. The luxury watch manufacturer boasts of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most complicated mechanical watches. The prestigious watch is usually worn around the wrists of royalties. Patek Phillipe has been worn by the likes of Princess Louise of Denmark , Victor Emmanuel III of Italy , Hussein Kamel (source:wikipedia). Although Patek Philippe watches are made in Switzerland , the company was originally established by Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek and French watchmaker Adrien Phillipe in 1851. According to reports from Thierry Stern, Patek Phillipe was credited with producing 50,000 watches in 2013. The Stern family has been running the company since 1932. The prices of Patek Phillipe watches can go up to a million dollars. ( Check prices on Amazon .


Anyone who’s not familiar with the name Rolex must have spent their entire lives living in caves. Rolex is constantly recognized as one of the world’s most powerful global brands by Forbes. Rolex has maintained its base in Genera, Switzerland since 1919 and the watch manufacturer produces around 2,000 watches every day (source: Rolex Facebook Page). Rolex watches are often exorbitantly priced and are out of reach of commoners. The brand is credited to several watch innovations. Rolex manufactured the first waterproof watch “Oyster” in 1926; they were also the first ones to obtain a chronometer certification for a wristwatch. Rolex has several collections for different purposes such as mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, and aviation. Check prices on Amazon


Breitling watches are renowned for their chronometers which are especially useful to aviators. The company saw light in 1884 in Grenchen, Switzerland and it is privately owned. Since 2000, all the Breitling models have come into the market with certified chronometers. The brand mainly focuses in 3 areas and they are diving, aviation and luxury. The most exorbitantly priced Breitling model can be all yours for $175,000 Source:Wikipedia. It is also a well known fact that all employees of Breitling get to keep one. Famous celebrities such as Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld have been caught sporting a Breitling watch ( Check prices on Amazon


You know something is exotic when you can’t pronounce it. Well, A.Lange & Sohne is heavily regarded as one of the best watch manufacturers in the world. The company came into existence in 1985 when it was established by Ferdinand Adolph Lange. These high end watches mainly comprises of mechanical movements rather than quartz movements. The watches actually come only in gold or platinum cases and it’s the real deal, not colored. Of course, Lange watches are complicated, crafted skillfully only by some of the most skillful watchmakers. ( and wikipedia)

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