Are People Born Gay?

Born this way
Although sexual orientation may seem like a private matter, it continues to be in public view. The debate surrounds two sides. One side is rooted in religious values and claims that homosexuality is a result of choice. The other side, mostly made up of supporters of LGBT rights as well as high profile geneticists, claim that it has nothing to do with choice. Although debate typically ends in polarization because it is such a personal matter that neither a religious organization nor a politician can confirm or deny, when looking at hard evidence, the answer seems to be clear.

The Center for Creation Research is one of the largest supporters of the belief that being gay is a choice. They claim that it is hazardous for schools to be accepting of homosexual students because homosexuality is a result of influences of a negative environment. They believe that people become gay because they have been influenced by other gay people or because they were victims of childhood abuse. The abuse theory is the most common and is maintained despite a lack of statistics showing that a larger number of gay people suffered from childhood abuse than straight people. The Center for Creation Research and others like it claim that the so called 'gay identity' is a symptom of childhood trauma and needs to be treated like a disease so as not to influence other people.

On the other hand, the groups that maintain that homosexuality is a result of genetics and brain chemistry do so with scientific evidence. Although it cannot be proven beyond all doubt, research shows that there exist significant differences in the biology of homosexuals. Starting with the brain, studies have been done comparing brain anatomy with specific focus on the hypothalamus, which is in charge of the regulation of the body’s well-being. The results show that structures within the hypothalamus were larger in gays than in that of straight people. Next, hormones were studied as a possible cause for homosexuality.

Sexual differentiation in the womb occurs because of hormones and it has been shown that in homosexuals, the levels of such hormones as testosterone are varied. Finally, family pedigrees were studied through which it was determined that gay men had more homosexual relatives through the maternal lineage which suggest that it is related to the X chromosome. ( These results can't prove one way or the other that being gay is a choice or a result of genes. However, it does show that factors that people cannot control, such as brain structure and hormone levels, play a significant role in determining whether or not a person is born gay. Because specific parts of the body are different in homosexuals than straight people, it is believed that homosexuality is controlled by factors that cannot be a result of choice and therefore being gay is just as natural as being straight.(

In an article published in the science section of the Huffington Post, the author continued on the basis that homosexuality is more likely attributed to genetics due to the given scientific evidence but then wrote that perhaps it doesn't matter whether or not people are born gay. Although there are a few isolated instances that showed that trauma can affect sexual orientation, it does not apply to the entire LGBT community. Gay people are no more prone to committing illegal, violent, or unsafe behaviors than straight people and should therefore be accepted . The science supports the theory that homosexuality is a result of genetics, something that a person cannot willingly affect. However, even if a person chooses to be gay, it should be his right to do so, especially considering statistics that show that homosexuals are equally as stable and safe as straight people. The brain chemistry might be different, but the expression of valued human traits is the same.

According to Sahaja Yoga homosexuality is a possession. When a man is possessed by a woman he would behave like a woman and vice versa.(source: Shri Mataji is the founder of sahaja yoga and whats that written on the blog about homosexuality is from one of the speeches of Shri mataji Nirmala Devi. In Sahaja Yoga homosexuality can be cured by getting rid of the possession. According to Shri Mataji homosexuality should not be allowed as it may give rise to the disease of AIDS. (

Written By: Kimeko Neil, United States

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