Which are the Best Rocking Toys to Buy?

Rocking toys could be of many types. It's a type of toy where toddlers can sit and push themselves back and forth to enjoy rocking (up and down motion) fun. This toy is not something automatically run on batteries. No.1 below is a rocking toy in the shape of a horse and is best for toddlers and its quite durable and most important it has 100% positive reviews from all the people who already bought. It's made by Little Tikes brand which is well known for its durable products for the children. The seat of this rocking horse is quite close to the ground and so not much risk involved for toppling over. It's entirely made from high quality plastic material with good grip of the handles. This rocking horse also has back support to prevent the toddlers falling on the back side. Also the toddlers can raise it from front at quite a steep level and than come back forth with sloppy slide. In other words this is more enjoyable than most other rocking horse toys in the market. But this horse does not come up with any saddle to be placed on the seat. Also the footrest can be used by babies to keep their feet on them instead of on the ground. If you need the same product in pink color consider buying no.1a below.

1) Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue
1a) Little Tikes Rocking Horse Pink

Consider buying no.2 below (from same Little Tikes brand) which is similar to above two products and made from the same material but it's based on the theme of police vehicle with siren and lights coming out from it as the child rocks up and down. It also looks better in design but its expensive than the no.1 rocking horse above. But if you need some extra features like sounds and lights you should go with it. It will consume lot of batteries for sure as sounds and lights are not possible without batteries.

2) Little Tikes Police Cycle Sounds Rocker

Here is one more rocking item from Little Tikes in the shape of a Zebra this time as below no.3. This rocking toy however comes with a fabric cover sewed on the body and seat of the Zebra. Only problem is that it's not that steep for great rocking fun as the no.1 and no.2 products above. In other words it will hardly rock but still it's good for toddlers who are still young and less active. Another important feature is that the rocking base in this rocking toy can be removed to make it free to run on wheels when your child needs a ride-on toy at a later stage. This is what makes this product unique as compared to the products mentioned above. It can be turned to a ride-on toy from a rocker at any time you want.

3) Little Tikes Rock n Scoot Zebra

I would recommend no.4 below the most than all the above rocking toys if you prone to Little Tikes brand only. This is because it is steep, seat has a back support and low to the ground (for child's safety) and also the body of the toy is made to be a soft toy which gives more comfort to the baby who is rocking on it. Except if you need lights and sounds this is best to choose. Its prices are also much affordable. Your child would love this if he/she loves cows as this rocking toy is in the shape of a cow. Negative point could be that the body of the toy is prone to children's dirty hands but the fabric is machine washable.

4) Little Tikes Soft Rocking Cow

Consider buy another exciting rocking product as no.4a below if you have two children of similar ages. This is a rocking toy where two children can sit at a time opposite to one another as there are two seats on both the corners of this see-saw kind of rocking product with two handles for the two children to hold them separately. There is also enough space for even a third child to sit at the center of this rocking toy. So this is a highly entertaining product for collective fun. This is also bigger but light in weight. Prices also seem to be on the cheaper side.

4a) Little Tikes Whale Teeter Totter Blue

Need even more comfortable rocker which your child would love to cuddle while riding on it than you need to raise your budget and go with this no.5 below in Tippitoes brand. This is on the expensive side but it has an extremely soft body with soft seat and back rest but with a wooden base. This is in the shape of a bear and it has fur on its body which makes it extremely soft and comfortable as compared to other toys above. Handles to grip are however wooden. It is sure that the child would spend more time rocking on it because of its softness and also there is music to play. If you need the same product in different color and with face as lion consider buying no.5a below. If you need the same product just half the price of no.5 than consider to purchase no.5b but it has a face of a donkey.

5) Tippitoes Rocking Billy Bear (Brown)
5a) Tippitoes Rocking Leo Lion (Beige)
5b) Rocking Animal - Daniel Donkey

There is one more gorgeous looking rocking softly padded toy no.6 below which is extremely durable and very well designed and highly comfortable and it also has a small hollow box at the back for the toddlers to hide their other small toys in it. But this is extremely pricy as it is handmade with great craftsmanship. This is also the only rocking toy which has different colors on its body on its different portions along with superb quality soft material which it is made from. No way you should neglect this if it's affordable to you. While sitting the toddler would certainly love to lie on the soft front portion of this caterpillar shaped rocking product.

6) Little Bird Told Me - Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker

Finally if you need a rocking horse toy which is completely made from wood and looks very traditional than you should go with no.7 below. The seat of this rocking horse is also made from wood and it lacks a saddle which could have made this somewhat more comfortable to ride and sit on it. But it's definitely worth considering if you need something which is eco-friendly. It also has protective sides which are removable in case not needed. This product would require assembly prior to use. The rubber straps attached at the corners of the wooden base would also help to protect the floor when the rocking horse would touch the ground during use. This is also on the expensive side but it looks more beautiful in traditional wooden style than any other rocking toy.

7) Pintoy Shetland Rocking Horse

But if you need a rocking horse toy as an exact replica of a real life horse than consider buying no.8 below. In countries like India horses are sometimes used during marriages where the groom (bridegroom) would sit on it and go to his bridal's house to get married with her there while all the guests would walk behind the slow moving horse with groom being sitted on it. The rocking horse toy as no.8 below is something of that kind with a leather saddle on its body and the footers are also trailing to give it a traditional marriage style look. It has a wooden base for the rocking to work but the body is made from soft material.

8) Handmade Brand New Rocking Horse "Pluto Braun"

Hope the review would help in some way.

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