How to Spot Fake Designer Bags?

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So you have been salivating over your dream bags for long, and why not, as most designer handbags have been the most coveted of items, that any girl would like to own. Most of us have been lusting over the most famous arm candies for a very long time, hoping that by some fluke of nature, their astronomical prices would deescalate. We have been seeing Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes and Balenciaga dangling on the dainty wrists of the rich and famous, for generations. Some of us may have actually gone to the extent of saving big bucks on getting a so called authentic one at some cheap second hand store, recommended by a friend.

You go there with your hard earned savings, and splurge a thousand grand assuming that you have made a killing by getting an original piece dirt cheap. Two days go past and you, while returning from work get caught in an unexpected shower while still clutching hard at your Chanel Flap bag. As you get into the car and turn the key you notice that a funny green color was staining not just your fingers but also the front of our blouson top! This is one of the many dramatic ways in which many have realized the true meaning of being ripped off!

You never asked for any authentication from the guy who sold you the bag as he gave you some mumbo jumbo about taxes and registration of retails and convinced you into buying what can best be called a great little fake!

Here is what is the most prudent thing to do- understand your limitations in terms of cash when it comes to designer bags as not everyone can be a Kourtney Kardashian or a Victoria Beckham. Understand also that not all fakes are bad. They may not be the real thing ones but they are well worth their money, way cheaper than the real stuff and believably very close to the authentic.

Here are the most important features which your replica bag needs to have to make the cut.

Color Code

Do remember that each designer house launches new color palettes each season and are extremely careful about choosing and publicizing the new colors. When you buy your replica, ensure you have it bang on when it comes to accuracy in choosing shades of colors. A splendid place to pick up a near- authentic great quality replica is They never go wrong on color coding.

Look Hard at the Hardware

Zips, buttons, locks or rivets, all of these have to have the detailing as specified in the designer league. You cannot have a Balenciaga bag with extra rivets of a Chanel flap bag without its specified lock.

Each zipper comes with its trademark company. In the case of Chanel, it has got to be YKK and not any other configuration of lettering. The details must run into micro levels of size of flap or the color of the metal. Each brand uses its own variations of gold, silver, dull gold, to more blingy finishes.

The hardware on the replicas will also be the highlight as one's eyes are quite easily drawn to their structure and size. The careful eyes of connoisseurs, or those who spend hours drooling over these at shop windows, would easily spot the difference.

The Stitch

Each replica comes in a variety of textures and colors, but what is consistent to all high quality designer bags is the spacing of the stitch and its angle. For example the Chanel flap bags come in quilted variety where the thread of the stitch needs to be an exact match with the color of the leather. No loose ends and no fraying of thread in any part of the bag is another clear requirement.

The Strap

No fine quality strap would ever hurt your shoulder however bulky the weight of the bag. Either they come with a typical padding or have very soft leather which never cuts into the skin. Also remember, all good replicas have adjustable straps whose ends never ever curl! Check out for some great quality Pradas and Hermes.

Flawless texture

The true symbol of real luxury handbags would be their superior quality leather which can be identified by the expert eye (how to identify quality leather?). It could vary from sheepskin to lambskin, and some good replicas are known to produce the same supple softness with lower grade leathers.


Insist on checking the packaging while buying your replica. A purse usually comes with its soft dust cover and a larger case which is harder so as to protect the shape of the bag from getting damaged while in transit.

Mind the Monogram

Be overly cautious in testing out the monograms or the crest; their size, quality of print, and the color and type of font used, matters in ensuring its status as a fine replica. Replicas generally end up being extremely tacky in this department but not when it comes to top end suppliers such as who specialize in detailing like no other.

Keep those scanners on when you take the next big plunge for sometimes some prudent pointers like the ones discussed above can save you not only a great deal of money but also a lot of heartache.

Written By: Sharmila Mukherjee, times of India

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