Which are the Best Toys to buy to Lull the Babies to Sleep?

As you know it's important for a baby to sleep peacefully. Something is needed to make them sleep so that they don't trouble the parents. Lullabies are some kind of songs which are sung in almost all traditions of the world to make the baby sleep. There are also different toys available in the marketplace to fulfill the requirement of singing lullabies on behalf of the parents. You need to make a choice which toy would be best for your baby.

Consider buying the no.1 product below which is sold in maximum quantity and it's very popular among the buyers and it's actually an effective product to lull the babies to sleep. Best of all its cheap in terms of prices. With the press of a button this toy plays three soothing lullabies with the setting of 5 min and 10 minutes. Another great feature of this product is that it acts as a projector and emits lights from its top portion so that the light spreads all around and the flash of the light creates certain images (of sun, moon, clouds etc) on the surface of the ceiling or whichever surface its pointed to.

Batteries are of course required to do all the work of lighting and singing the lullabies. The toy is in the shape of a star and somewhat depicts baby's dreams. The lights coming out of this toy will create the environment all around like that of a scene in baby's dreams and that will help baby to sleep. The toy is manufactured by Tomy which is a well known brand for baby products.

1) Tomy Starlight Dreamshow

If you need another similar product as the no.1 above from Tomy consider buying no.2 below which has more features and is based on Disney Cartoon Characters Winnie the Pooh and its friends like Hooked Bear, In the Bag and Hold That Pose. These characters are actually printed on the body of the toy and also the pictures of these characters are projected on the surface where the beam of light falls after coming out from the toy. The characters make yawning sounds when pressed by fingers (like the birds will chirp when one of the characters is pressed). It can be easily attached to baby's crib or cot.

The most important part of this toy is its auto setting. In auto mode (can be switched off if not needed) if at any point of time (whether night or day) the baby starts crying the inbuilt sensor in the toy would recognize the baby's cry and as a result it would start playing the cute and lovely plinky plonky lullabies and lights automatically and that is what actually helps to calm the baby without the need of parent's support (specially during night). This is where this product is better than no.1 above. It also has day and night mode settings which you can toggle between and play slightly different tunes to lull babies at different times. Though it has one negative point over the no.1 above in the sense that you can't turn the music and tunes off to have just the light projector or vice versa while this can be done in no.1 above.

2) Tomy Winnie the Pooh Sweet Dreams Lightshow

If you need a baby soother toy controlled by a remote control than consider buying no.3 as below. This is from Vtech brand which is also a reputable brand. This is based on the theme of polar bear and looks beautiful. Features are almost same as the no.2 above like producing music and songs and projection light to lull the babies and also the music and lights comes to life automatically when baby cries. But in this Vtech toy the timer setting has 3 options (5, 10 and 15 min.) as opposed to 2 options (5 and 10min) in the two products above. In other words here the music and lights can be made to run for 15 min also till those are automatically turned off as according to the timer settings. However remote control can be used at any point of time to turn off lights and music and timer settings can also be done with the help of remote control. This is where this toy differs from the above two. But it costs more than the no.1 and no.2 above.

3) VTech Sleepy Bear Sweet Dreams

The 3 products above had mixed kind of comments regarding the quality, with lots of positive as well as many negative comments left by the people who already bought. But here is another great baby soother toy no.4 below with not even a single negative comment or rating and people who already bought are highly satisfied with this product which aids in sleeping of the baby. It's in the shape of a turtle and its main features are that the color of the projection light changes in three different ways. It automatically gets switched off after 10 minutes and this is the only one timer setting. The projection light emitted creates the scene of night with moon and the twinkling stars which is something unique in this product which makes the baby to stare at it and lull her to sleep in the end. However it lacks a remote control for its operation. But the negative point of this product is that it does not play any lullabies or music but prices are cheaper and affordable. If you need the same product in ladybird design consider buying no.5 as below.

4) Childrens nightlight Turtle LED star galaxy projector
5) Ladybird LED star projector night light 3 colour modes

Here is one more baby soother toy as no.6 below when you want the toy to play only music and lullabies but don't want that the projection light is emitted. This is a soft toy which has a fat stomach and when the baby cuddles it, the stomach glows with a faint light (not the projection type) and plays 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds along with 8 lullabies to calm and relax the baby. Quality of the product is assured as it's manufactured by Fisher Price which is one of the best brands for baby products in the world. Buy no.7 below if you need this same toy in pink color instead of blue. No.8 could be another choice which is a product similar to no.6 and no.7 from Fisher Price but it is in the shape of sheep with white furs on its body. A red light glows by pushing a button on the sheep toy's belly. It's a very soft and delicate toy producing 4 different sounds like that of a heartbeat, falling rain, a soothing sound played like that from a piano and more. The sounds will play for a total of 20 min. People who already bought find it very useful to lull babies to sleep.

6) Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse
7) Fisher Price Pink Soothe and Glow Seahorse
8) Easidream Ewan the Dream Sheep

Here is one more product in the form of a simple soft bear toy as no.9 below used in maternity wards in hospitals to help babies to sleep. This is recommended by doctors. The unique feature of this product is that parents can record their own message or their own lullabies in the product so that this reaches baby to make her sleep. This is an award winner baby product and worth buying. Watch the video review of this product to know more about it.

9) Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear Plus

Hope the review would help in some way. There could be more toys to lull babies but the mentioned above are most popular and best rated. More options would be added as we go.

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