How to be more successful in life?

According to me hard work and sacrifice is the key to success. Why did I say to sacrifice? Suppose you want to earn good marks in the examination and working hard in your studies but you are smoking and drinking at the same time. Here I would say to give up smoking and drinking (alcohol) and this is called sacrifice. That is you need to sacrifice your desires and give up your bad habits so that you can concentrate more on your work. Success would never come if you keep doing wrong things which are against your soul.

Do you know that even a dishonest person like honesty? The dishonest person also don't like that someone deceive him though he himself is harming the whole humanity by his mis deeds. This is because the honesty is your soul's strength and soul is located inside every human being whether he is good or bad. So strength would go away from you when you keep doing wrong things in life (which is against your soul) and this would result in failure. Also a person's desires are the great hindrance in the path of success because when you have desires you keep running to fulfill those desires and as a result cannot concentrate on the work you are supposed to do. Why a person has so many desires? This is because his attention is not on his soul. The soul of a human being is desire less and has complete strength. So you become weak as your attention go away from your soul and run behind the horrible desires. We can understand this with an example. Suppose you are the parents of two children. One child is happy within himself and spend most of his time in some creative work. More or less he is satisfied within himself. While the other child is complaining most of the time that he need to have good clothes, he should get everything his friends have, Mom Dad should take him away from home for some great fun and more.

So can you see the difference between the two children? I can guarantee you the child who is happy within himself/herself would be more successful in life than the one who is simply troubling parents to fulfill his desires. I am not saying desires are completely bad but a person who is happy within himself would impress you more and God is also impressed with such people and give them more success in life. I won't say this is always true but most of the time it is because people who are happy within themselves can concentrate more on their work and as a result they are more successful. There are may be some cases where a person is good by nature and more or less satisfied within himself but still there is no success in his life. This is because his/her mind power is weak.

Mind power is most important if you want to gain success in educational fields like if you want to become a doctor, engineer, teacher etc. Don't enter into such fields if you think your mind power is weak. There are many other fields to choose where a normal mind is enough than the extra ordinary mind power needed to become doctors, engineers, teachers etc. Still I would say there is solution to everything in this world through meditation. There are seven chakras and a kundalini power located inside every human being. Mind power is associated with Aganya Chakra in human body so you should work on and meditate to make this chakra stronger and the results will be so powerful and unbelievable if you trust me as I have experienced this myself.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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