Wedding Gowns: How to choose one with best fit

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A wedding happens to be one of those occasions in life when despite our best intentions and serious planning, it always seems to retreat into the zone of uncertainly. Be it the rush to collect the invites, the flowers that suddenly seem hard to match to the decor theme or simply the unexpected swelling number of guests who suddenly decide to arrive days before the wedding to get into the swing of things. Perhaps the only glimmer of satisfaction is in seeing the bride glowing in her new found happiness, basking in the adulation and attention she gets and making sure that she turns out to look like an absolute dream on her big day.

In the midst of all the paraphernalia surrounding the wedding, the bride sometimes overlooks some extremely important preparations mandatory to complete her look for the day. The wedding gown which happens to be at the center of all the preparations needs far more than the choosing. So much is said about style, color and fabric but little do we realize that dresses that are bought months in advance sometimes fall short in terms of fitting.

Can you imagine the absolute horror when a few days before her wedding, when the dress arrives she realizes that instead of fitting her snugly like it had on the day of her trial, it now hung on her like an old lace parasol on a creaky metal frame! What the bride essentially missed out on was the details of getting her gown fitted which is an imperative in creating the perfect bridal look.

It does not hurt to understand better how your fitting sessions need to be worked out and what do you need to essentially remember to do while at the fitters. Most wedding gown sellers give as a package the fitting sessions built into it. In case you are not quite sure about their expertise, quickly research the expert wedding gown fitters in your locality and take appointment for a minimum of two sessions-one which is a month before the wedding day and the second which ought to be a week before. The planning also helps in ensuring that you are not left with too many loose ends to tie up (pun intended).

The Three Necessary Measures-Waist-Hip and Bust

These three areas will show defined changes in case you have begun working out and have been on a diet which begins bearing fruit only after a month or two and that would leave you many an inch to tick, pin and fold.

Keep Those Heels On

While deciding on your wedding dress you may have also decided on your shoes. While getting your fitting done it is quintessential for the bride to be, if not in the same pair of shoes she intends to wear on her wedding day, to wear at least the same heels. It can drastically affect the length of the gown and the body posture affects the measurement of the waist and bodice.

Bustle Buddy

By now you would be quite familiar with the facts on how to get your bustle and train to merge perfectly with your gown but do remember to take an assistant who will be available on your wedding day to fasten and fluff where required and who can follow the same technique as the fitters do.

Embellish Early

Remember all valid and critical detail-less detail in the end confuses the fitter less and the more embellishments you decide to add on later, may create more chances of the fabric not able to hold upon to the weight of lace, piping, beads and pearls. To avoid any costume malfunction give all the direction to the detailing you want done.

Fitting done inside out

Quite seriously if you truly want the dream fit right from your bustier to your hem line edge-you will have to go for the sessions with your proposed under things for the day. Sounds silly? -not if you consider that a padded corset or bra can reduce an inch making the fit too stifling while a sheer under clothing will make it seem to hang on you. Better still seek the advice of your fitter before anything else.

Delivery Details

You may have spent hours at the fitters ensuring that your bustle or train are exactly as you would want it but do remember on the day of the wedding the tight schedule will leave you no time to iron out creases from delicate fabric and so demand the deliver a day or two before and ask for a neat garment bag in which the dress should come without the train packed in. Ask it to be sent in separately.

Wedding seasons would make the fitters one of the most hard to find professionals that time of the year so an advance booking of dates with clearly etched out needs you have in mind will go a long way in clearing your furrowed forehead and bring the smile of ease back on your face-after all the bride must always get the best!

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Written By: Sharmila Mukherjee, times of India

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