Which are the Best Drawing Toys to buy for Toddlers?

Pre-school children need some fun filled activities that can really keep them engaged. One way to do that is to offer them some drawing related products to let them freely draw whatever they want to draw. There is something being discovered for them where toddlers can draw without worrying about the wastage of paper and color and even if they mess their drawing nothing to worry about. Yes, I am talking about Aquadoodle (see no.1 below) which is a drawing product or toy that includes an aquadoodle mat, a pen to be filled with water, stampers and a special paintbrush. You will not require any color bottles or color trays or ink for the toddlers to draw on the mat. Simply fill water in the aquadoodle pen and starts drawing with it on the mat or dip the stampers into the water and paste it on the mat to create different designs. The special paintbrush can also be used to draw colored blocks on the mat.

There are four portions (square on each corner) in the mat of equal size and 4 different colors will appear(while writing) on each portion which are green, red, blue and purple. If the toddler will draw on say green portion the drawing will come in green color and so on. On the border of the mat there are different pictures printed to take the ideas while drawing. Most exciting feature of aquadoodle is that as the drawing will dry up (as the water will dry up on the mat) it will magically disappear from the mat due to hydrochromic ink technology and toddlers need not to do any efforts to rub the drawing. Take the mat in the sun and it will dry up even quicker as the water evaporates in the sun more quickly. This is an amazing product for toddlers who are making the walls and floor of your home dirty by their doodles.

No.1a could be another choice which is almost similar as no.1 but somewhat different in the sense that it does not include 3 stampers and also does not have a special paintbrush as in the rainbow (no.1). But better pictures can be seen on the border of the aquadoodle mat for more creative drawing. If you need your toddler to doodle on a desk instead of mat for more comfort than consider no.1b as below. This is doodling fun on a desk. However assembly is required to form the desk with the help of its wooden parts. Drawing features are however almost same as no.1 and only a water filled pen is required for the doodling.

1) Tomy Rainbow Aquadoodle
1a) Tomy Aquadoodle Classic Drawing Toy
1b) Tomy Aquadoodle Desk Drawing Toy

If you need more exciting aquadoodle you should go with this no.2 below. But there is a vast difference between no.1 above and no.2 below. In no.2 below you are only supplied with aquadoodle mat and a pen (to be filled with water) along with a magic sounds unit (pen holder). You will need batteries (not supplied with the purchase) for the magical sounds unit to work. Here as the toddler draws, hidden images on the mat are revealed and different sounds are produced depending on the type of image revealed. Different farm animals like cow, dog etc are pictured on the boundary of the mat. Aside each animal picture there is a plastic made round circle. A sound will come out from the pen holder of the respective animal when back of the pen holder is placed on the plastic circle aside the picture of that particular animal and that is what the great fun is. Here also images revealed will hide again once the drawing dries up. Watch this video review below for more clear view.

2) Tomy Aquadoodle Animal Magic Sounds Aquadoodle Drawing Toy

If you need doodling fun on the wall instead of floor consider buying no.3 as below. Here the aquadoodle mat can be hanged from the wall with the help of reusable wall adhesive and be assured there will not be any scratches on the wall due to that. Rest of the features is same as mentioned for the above products.

3) Aquadoodle Wall Mat

Here is another great doodle product no.4 below to improve the dexterity of your child. But this is only good for children above 3 years of age. This drawing toy is in the form of a slate (writing or drawing surface) which has a magnetic screen. A pen and 4 magnetic stamps are also included. But remember here the pen is real pencil and not the one which need to be filled with water as in the above products. Stamps are used to stick them on the surface of the slate to create shapes on the surface as on the stamp.

Pen is used to write, draw or scribble. Whatever the toddler writes or draw that can easily be erased with the help of the screen eraser which is in the form of a lever on the side. This could be an ideal product to be used by children in travel. If you need something like aquadoodle in travel consider buying no.4a as below.

4) Tomy Megasketcher
4a) Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag

If you need an aquadoodle based on 'Toy Story' characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear than consider buying no.5 below. Here the characters themselves act as the pen. Open the knob at the bottom of each character toy and fill it with water. Once water is filled use the characters to create different designs on the aquadoodle mat and that's what the great fun is. Buzz Lightyear when pushed along on the mat leave back different designs and that's what amuse the toddlers. The designs created will fade away automatically after sometimes for the toddlers to work again. No.6 below is another option which is also based on the 'Toy Story' characters but here the images of characters are hidden on aquadoodle mat and when the pen (filled with water) is run on the mat these images are revealed.

5) Tomy Toy Story 3 Aquadoodle
6) Tomy Aquadoodle Toy Story Mini Mats

Hope the review would help in some way. Though there are many other drawing products for toddlers but these are top rated and very popular among buyers.

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