Helicopter tour to Grand Canyon: Is it Worth?

Grand Canyon by Helicopter
When people talk about visiting Las Vegas they don't often think that it could also include a visit to the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on our planet. If you have decided to go to Las Vegas it is surely because you want to see the bright lights, some incredible shows and do a bit of gambling. But including a helicopter visit to the Grand Canyon will likely be the most memorable thing you will do and is what you will tell your friends most about when you get home.

It had always been a dream to be able to see such a wondrous site from the air and the opportunity arose after planning a weekend visit to Las Vegas. There are a number of helicopter tours available from various companies and it really isn't a problem if you haven't thought about a Grand Canyon visit before arriving to Las Vegas. The concierge desks at all the major hotels have information and are able to book tours with the helicopter company of your choice.

The tour starts with the helicopter company shuttle bus collecting you from your hotel and taking you to the airport to begin your tour. Once at the airport, you are introduced to your pilot and the others visitors that will be joining you on your flight, which starts out travelling east towards Lake Mead.

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States and was formed by the construction of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Once the pilot has journeyed over the lake and explained to the passengers about the construction and significance of the Hoover Dam and how it created Lake Mead, you gradually arrive to the beginning of the Grand Canyon. While the scenery is breathtaking, you don't really get the feeling you are near the Grand Canyon until the pilot begins his approach from a quite low altitude and out of the blue you are over the rim of the Grand Canyon. You suddenly have gone from being several hundred feet above the ground to being a thousand feet or more above the floor of the Grand Canyon.

The formations and colors of the stone cliffs that border the Canyon are something that could only be created by nature. The pilot begins to show his enthusiasm for what he is showing you and he begins to take the helicopter down into the Canyon. The South Rim of the Canyon is now above and you are engulfed by this massive cliff and its rock formations. The North Rim is quite some distance away to the other side and the tour begins to freely move around with the Canyon.

Some 15 minutes into the magnificence of the Canyon, the pilot points out a flat area well below the rim of the Canyon but still some distance above the Colorado River below. He begins to navigate the helicopter down and gently lands at the area he previously pointed out. Once out of the helicopter and engines quiet, you can hear the sounds of the Canyon, which include the faint rumble of the river down below and some birds as they enjoy daily what we are at this moment having the privilege to visit and witness.

While you enjoy the scenery and the moment that you are in, you get the impression that you are some place that you may not be able to witness again and you want the moment to never end.

The pilot quietly sets out beverages and sandwiches for our enjoyment and we slowly have to gather ourselves for the trip back to Las Vegas. Back in the air, we go over the middle of the Canyon to get a closer view of the North Rim and far too quickly we are back in Las Vegas flying over the famous Strip before landing back at the airport.

A lot can be said about a visit to Las Vegas, but the trip to the Grand Canyon by helicopter is what will be remembered far more than the glitzy show or the time spent at the Roulette table and is definitely worth.

For more guided tours to Grand Canyon check out this website : http://grand-canyon-park.org/plan-your-visit/guided-tours/

Written By: Monte Field, Sta. Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza, Spain

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