Which are the best toys to Buy which Encourages Baby's Crawling?

Crawling is a process which lies between sitting and standing. Baby used to learn crawling before standing. So if you need to encourage baby to crawl there are many different types of toys available in the online marketplace. My no.1 recommendation would be the no.1 product as below. This is a kind of toy which is a big magical ball which runs on batteries and produces sounds, music, songs and lights. The ball has such an inbuilt system that the ball does not move continuously in one direction but it only rolls back and forth within a given area once powered by battery. If the baby somehow gets hold of it and put his hand on the ball and push it towards him, the ball will again roll in the opposite direction after child's push is released. In other words the ball just rolls out of reach to entice baby and that is how it encourages baby to crawl.

1) VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball

Consider buying no.2 as below if you need something in cylindrical shape and which is inflatable. This toy can also roll along the ground but it rolls continuously in one direction and not as no.1 above which rolls only within a given area. This toy is filled with plastic balls inside and that's what helps in it's rolling on the ground as baby tries to reach it and touches it. It also makes rattling sounds as it rolls. This cannot harm the baby in anyways as its light in weight and not rigid. It doesn't run on batteries and so nothing is automated in it. However it's safer than no.1 above. If you need something similar to no.2 but in trusted brand than go for no.3 below in Chicco brand.

2) Inflatable Roller - Learning & Activity Rattling Cylinder
3) Chicco Musical Roller Nursery Toy

Here is one more toy as no.4 below which is also a rolling ball as no.1 above from Vtech but it's slightly different. But this is also manufactured by another well know brand called Lamaze. Here the toy can be utilized in two different ways. There are 4 colorful stacking rings that can be put over one another or so called stacked together to form the rolling ball. The top ring has rattling beads in it. So this is a stacking fun as well as good to attract baby for the crawling as the ball rolls over randomly and baby tries to catch it. But this toy's downside is that it's parts (stacking rings) may fall apart once the ball is released on the ground from even a small height.

4) Lamaze Stack, Roll & Crawl Ball

Sometimes babies don't feel like crawling when their knee touching the ground feels some pain. For that reason buying a wide and colorful baby playmat as below no.5 could be ideal to encourage crawling. The pictures of animals and other scenes printed on the mat and also the different types of toys (like teethers, rattles, mirrors etc) attached from the surface of the playmat could entice baby to crawl as well. Just make sure to buy a wide mat so that babies can crawl for a longer distance. Taf Toys is well known brand for baby playmats so worth buying.

5) Taf Toys I Love Big Mat

Another great toy as below no.6 can be utilized in three different stages of child's development which are tummy time, sitting and crawling. This is something latest from Fisher Price (year 2013 while writing) and worth considering. This is a rolling ball but with a puppy figure on the top which can be scaled sideways. During baby's tummy time (while baby rests on the ground or on some mat on his stomach) the big mirror in the toy could be very useful to encourage self-exploration. While sitting baby can play with it to listen and enjoy more than twenty five different songs and poems along with tunes and phrases. This product is something similar to no.1 product above in terms of rolling. It rolls only within a given area and the puppy attached can also slide on both sides but comes back to original position automatically once released. This battery operated toy is definitely worth considering over no.1 toy above due its utility for multiple developmental stages of a child. Prices are almost same and not a factor to consider.

6) Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy's Crawl-Along Ball

If you need something really cheap consider buying no.7 below which is a set of five easy to grasp brightly colored activity balls for babies to play with. These rolling balls look very attractive and tend babies to crawl when they try to catch these balls.

This is the cheapest option.

7) Bright Starts Activity Balls

Hope the review would help in some way.

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