Which are the Best Kids Laptops to Buy?

A laptop is something that is in great demand by today's generation; old, young and even as small as kids like to get their hands-on on such device. It has been an integral part of our life for multimedia, email, applications etc. and it does not harm in anyway for parents to buy a kid's laptop to make them future ready. This article specifies best kid's laptops and their comparison.

VTech is one of the major manufacturers of kids' laptops toys and games. Their laptops are most renowned in market and stand out in their design and utility. Leapfrog is also a manufacturer who is entering into the kids' laptop market with their innovative products that inculcate fun and learning mutually.

If you are looking for the small kids' laptop with not a regular laptop shape but just a fancily shaped screen that flips over the keyboard, then no.1 and no.2 below are great. They cost within 15-17 and are easily affordable. These laptops are loaded with educational activities. No.1 has an 8-directional mouse whereas the popularity of no.2 surpasses every other product in similar category. There are very good and plenty customer reviews due to its innovative 3 function buttons for music, email and play.

1) VTech My Laptop
2) Leapfrog My Own Laptop

However, if you are looking for something similar size and utility to simulate real world laptop, then no.3 product below is the way to go. Real mouse and QWERTY keyboard makes it alive for users. You can learn English and French languages coupled with mathematics. But the innovation in tablets area has taken a toll on laptop use these days and if you want to make provision of a tablet like learning pad, then no.4 product below can serve the best for you.

3) VTech Challenger Laptop

4) My First Laptop (Learning Pad)

The above no.4 product is the best if parents want to keep their kids apt in the upcoming technology of touch pads and related devices. Stylish, ultra-thin product which is easy to store and hand held device, it speaks for itself. 40+ fun activities make this learning pad ideal for today's generation of kids. However, if you are ready to shell out a few extra bucks to get a laptop toy for little expensive price of over 25, then no.5 product is the best. Your kid will never dare to get bored amidst various numerous activities (80 plus) which keep kids off their feet every time. Being an extra smart designed product, it gives learn together feature for children in certain activities.

5) VTech Progress laptop

A very cheap and iPad like device for kids is no.6 product below:

6) Y-Pad Touch Screen Pad Children's Learning Tablet Computer Laptop Blue

It comes at around 8-9 in the online retail market and provides much more than what cost it comes for. It is handy and on-the-go learning tool for toddlers. No.6 differs from all the above no.1 to no.5 kids learning devices above in the fact that it is very cheap and basic, hence contains only basic features to inculcate learning into kids. Parents who just want to give their children feel of touch pad and not looking for extra ordinary product with whole lot of fun activities, perhaps, can go for this product with blind eye.

As already mentioned, the product range of VTech Company in kids laptop is quite exclusive, they have come up with extra ordinary and pricey products:

7) Vtech Electronics Power Xtra Laptop (Multi Coloured)
8) VTech Challenger Kids Laptop - Blue

These two no.7 and no.8 above are best suited for parents who can afford to pay a huge sum on their children for toys as they belong to 40-50 category. Nevertheless, VTech has incorporated great features with fun packed activities that make the rest no.1 to no.6 laptops look merely a toy in front of these two. If you want your kids to improve their brain power and senses, then this is what you want to get. The progressive learning system in these products works best with teaching of curriculum related to English, maths, science, with automatic study sensors to adjust to mental grasping power of the kids.

The little girls who are obsessed about Princess feeling can buy the above no.9 laptop below. It is specially made to give Little Princess their share of laptop experience and perhaps have themes like the Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and others.

9) Vtech Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop

If you are looking for a theme based laptop, then no.10 below might need your attention sooner than later:

10) Inspiration Works Fireman Sam My First Laptop

The kids can follow Sam in exciting mission of rescuing people from fire. No.10 laptop differs significantly from no.1 to no.9 with fire themes and music, lights and sound effects rather than educational perspective. So if you want to buy this, please keep educational objectives aside and look out for pure fun. In my opinion, no.7 and no.8 are best due to fulfillment of plenty of educational motives and activities; however, the no.2 laptop also makes sense of buying due to cheap price plus decently large features.

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