How to Capture the Perfect Photo of Flowers in Rain

Flower in Rain
The most profound testimonials of natural beauties are rain and flowers. And when we consider the rain with flowers together, they simply steal the show in terms of magnificence and exquisiteness. Because of the same reasons, many of the novice photographers are fascinated by the idea of capturing both of them together in their photography. Now many times we make an attempt to seizure a masterpiece for ourselves by capturing these beautifully bathing flowers in rain but mostly we end up with such pictures that are disappointingly unsatisfying.

Worry not my friends as today we shall be discussing the techniques that will guide you in your attempt to improve your pictures of flowers in the rain. The techniques that we will discuss today are extremely simple and if applied properly, have the capacity to create some aesthetically amazing photographs which will have the capability to win you many photography challenges. And even if you don't win a photography challenge, you will have a photograph that you will own and display proudly to everyone.


One of the basic mistakes that most of the photographers make when trying to capture flowers in rain is that they begin waiting for a rainy day. Now getting a rainy day at will is of course an impossible act. Even after being successful in getting a rainy day by luck, the second mistake the photographers make is to take out their rain coats, open up their umbrellas and go out in the rain to shoot flower in the rain. Now when the results of the photos come out they turn out to be disappointingly ordinary.

Most of the pictures fail to impress the viewers and turn out to be quite a morale demoralizer. Now friends, don't be sad or demoralized because what you've been doing by waiting for the rainy day and then going out on the rainy day and shooting, was wrong from the word go. I am sure that you must be extremely confused by now. Isn't shooting the flowers in rain what we are trying to do? If we don't do all this, how will be able to get our desired picture. That's right! We wanted to shoot flowers in the rain but you will soon realize that what was required for a great photo in this regard is completely different from what we were doing previously.


So lets discuss the components of the technique required for a perfect photo of flowers in rain.


One of the most important things required for shooting artistically beautiful pictures of flowers in rain, is a bright sunny day. You must be thinking, What? So how will I make it rain on a sunny day? This is where out next component comes in handy.


The second most important component for capturing great photos of flowers in rain is a water sprinkler. Water droplets from the sprinkler will act as water droplets in our photos. Now if you are thinking Well! That's cheating. I say, No! That is what's called creativity and putting of the available resources to effective use for an aesthetically beautiful photo.


Backlighting means that the subject is illuminated from behind. In our scenario it means that the flowers are placed in such a way the sun is behind them. That means that the light coming from the sun faces the photographer directly. Now what this arrangement does is that it creates a white dreamy effect behind the subject and gives a special glow to the water droplets because of the reflection of light from the surface of water drops of the sprinkler.


Lastly, the most important component of creating a great photo of flowers in rain is shutter speed. Now why shutter speed is so important is because shutter speed should be just fast enough to capture the moving droplets of rain and should be slow enough to get the required texture of rain. If the shutter speed is longer than required, it will create a blur in the picture and if it's too short, it will hinder in the capturing of the rain texture. So we can neither have very long shutter speed nor can we have very small shutter speed. It's the exact 60th of a second of shutter speed that will create the illusion of the water streaks from the sprinkler to appear as rain droplet in the picture.

Written By: Rajesh Bihani, New Delhi, India

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