How to make Google Happy with your Website?

So looking for ways to make google happy so that your site can do well in google to receive lots of traffic? As I already mentioned in the article be careful while making site for google that if users (site visitors) aren't taking any interest in/on your website it could mean a disaster for you. To be successful, first of all, your site should prove to be very useful for the users so that they don't leave your site immediately by pressing the back button on their browsers. To prevent users to go back to google, first step could be to properly optimize the title of the home page and all other internal pages where the traffic is coming from google organic. Title is most important part of a website which is shown in google search results on the website and which tends users to enter your site after making a specific query for some keyword in google.

Suppose the user makes a query in google for free hosting. Your website title says Free Hosting but you never provide free hosting on the landing page. So the users coming to your website for this query will be misguided and as a result of it they will press back button on their operating browser and go back to google and look for some other websites in search results which actually provide free hosting. So it was a bad user experience your website provided. More bad user experience your website will provide more will be the bounces on your site. I already mentioned in the article be careful while making site for google that google's technology can detect all the websites which have high bounce rate and such websites go for manual review by google employees. Bad user experience will tend to go up when you try to rank higher even for non-related keywords. You need to be honest with your approach.

You need to engage your readers when they enter your site and satisfy them and even tend them to check other related information by creating relevant internal links (for other pages of the site) on the landing page. That is the reason that useful and compelling content is must for any site so that users don't leave your site immediately without spending some time. This is the single most important factor that decides how far your site could go in search engines like google. Even the high authority links to your site won't help if the website content sucks and cannot engage the readers. Also why would someone naturally link to your site from their own website unless they find it something that really needs to be linked to for its credibility? No links mean no better rankings, as Google's ranking algorithm is completely based on the quality and quantity of links your website have.

Design of the website is another most important thing. A professional look to the website gives a sense of trust and credibility and as a result of it, your brand or website get recognized for trustworthy services or information and gets natural and direct visitors. It doesn't matter how worth are the people behind the business if the website looks professional. So this is another way to make google happy with your website.

Some websites open very slowly in the browser. People like me often close the website and don't visit it if it takes time to open, as I don't have that much patience to wait for the site to open. Similar is the case with other people. They don't like to wait and ignore your website, and as a result of it bounces on your website goes up. So you need to make sure that your website loads faster in the browser to make users happy. Google is always happy when the users of google are happy.

Also Google made it quite clear that you should make websites for users and not for the search engines. So over-optimizing a website isn't going to help either : something like repeating keywords in the articles too many times or focusing more on keywords rather than the quality of the content. If the title of your website reflects the written content, keywords will naturally come and no need to optimize keywords by looking at its density in the content. There are several other things that you should take care so that your site is not entirely removed from Google for deceptive practices. You should read google's webmaster guidelines to know more about the deceptive practices.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice