Why you need to be careful while making a site for Google search?

So planning to make a site and get some traffic from Google organic? You need to be careful because your site may not succeed to drive traffic from Google for several keywords you are targeting. Google may crawl and index your site pages but still, your site may not appear higher for any of the keywords. Also, it may be that you do some link building and as a result of it, your site may do well in Google for several keywords but still you can't be sure the rankings will stay. Let me tell you some secrets about this. Once a new site acquires some links, Google will rank your site better (according to the quality and quantity of the links acquired) for keywords it deserves.

But now begins google's testing. Google checks for user (site visitors) behavior. Google's technology triggers all those sites which have a high bounce rate (80-100%). This may not be true for smaller sites which appear in Google search results for few keywords and has less traffic. But if your site is appearing higher for hundreds and thousands of keywords and has good traffic from google and if the bounce rate is higher (80-100%), then your site will be flagged by Google for a manual check. High bounce rate doesn't mean Google will automatically lower the rankings of your site but your site will then be manually checked by google's employees for assessment.

It may be that majority of the site visitors from Google (to your site) are just landing on your site pages but then quickly press the back button in the browser to go back to Google without spending some time on the site. Why would a site visitor do this? It may be they didn't find what they were looking for, or it may be the page they landed on, has a content which is irrelevant or not something useful or may be simply full of ads and do not serve user's purpose. Or maybe the page has complete spam. Or maybe the title of the page doesn't reflect the content on that page. Here is where Google catch on with your site and if find that users are not taking any interest in your site after visiting, your site rankings are lowered by imposing penalty.

Later even if you can build more links to that site but then it won't come higher because it has been downgraded. After visiting your site, if the user closes the site or even open another site over it, still not a problem because it may be they were satisfied with what they were looking for on your site. But when the users push back button to go back to google and go to another site in the search results, it is the problem. But this is true only when the majority of the site visitors do this. Maybe Google can tolerate if only 30-40% users do this. But again it will all depend on when Google checks your site manually. If they think your content is horrible and not useful in anyway your site will certainly be downgraded.

I can tell this because I have a personal experience with such kind of penalty on my own site. I remember I created an affiliate site for amazon.com. I simply uploaded product description of various products taken from Amazon in different categories. I added some 1200 pages with descriptions of 1200 different products to my site. The site started receiving 100-150 UV a day after doing some link building. But then suddenly one day it lost all traffic. I was left with just 6-10 visitors a day. Then someone at google webmaster forum (Google employees keep an eye on this forum) told me that my site was downgraded for being thin affiliate site. There was high bounce rate (80%) and users were not taking any interest and used to spend only 20-30 seconds per visit.

The content I uploaded was 100% original and it was quite well written but then the content was written by writers who simply used to edit the existing content on Amazon. So the site visitors were not taking much interest in that kind of content which they could already find on Amazon or any other site. Also, Google actually doesn't need more sites in their index which are simply the mirror sites of other sites that already exist in the Google index. So when you make a site for Google it's important to bring some unique concept else you will not be able to exist in Google. Even the original content won't help if it's simply being edited from existing sources. So be careful while you make a site for Google. Write your own content and don't hire anyone because most of the writers write for money and not from point of view that readers would be benefitted or not.

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