Which are the best Bouncing Toys to Buy?

There are many types of toys in the marketplace which can make the babies, toddlers and kids to bounce. First you need to decide whether you need a bouncing toy for a child who is still not able to stand and walk or you need a bouncing toy for a child who is good enough to walk and run.

The no.1 and no.2 below are recommended most for babies who still cannot stand and walk. Fisher Price is the manufacturer of these toys and these are highly rated in terms of entertaining the babies with the bounce. We can better call them as baby bouncers or baby jumpers or baby entertainers. These look similar to baby walkers but these don't have wheels like the walkers and are affixed on the ground and cannot move along the ground. However the seat in these baby entertainers where the baby is supposed to sit has been built taking baby's comfort in mind and also it can rotate or spin 360 degree for the child to move in all directions and play with different toys around and above. Some of the toys also make rattling and squeaking sounds for all the great entertainment for the baby. But most important thing is that the seat is bouncy as it is attached from three side bars through springs. So as the baby stand (the feet of the baby can touch the ground) and sit again with a force the seat bounces and as result of it the baby also bounces. Since the baby enjoys this he/she kept doing this for non-stop fun. This is what the most exciting and entertaining part of these two products below is.

Check the video below to see these two items in action. No.2 however is recommended more than the no.1 due to more exciting features and more ratings from customers who already bought. Prices are almost the same for both these products. Also both these products are height adjustable so that it meets requirements for every baby long or short. No.3 can also be considered as a similar of no.1 and no.2. Batteries are of course required in all three below products for the lights and music to work which is always an important part for Fisher Price baby products.

1) Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Jumperoo
2) Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo
3) Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

If you need something which is compact and takes less space and also portable at the same time but still it's a bouncing toy than consider buying this no.4 as below. It's also cheaper in price and also lighter in weight than the above three. This baby bouncer is also affixed on the ground with a base plate and so no way it can fall or turn down. However bouncing feature in this toy is not that swift as the three above. Your child needs to be more active to enjoy bouncing and for a young baby it may be difficult to bounce at all. The reason being that the bouncing feature in this toy is more compact and the spring that causes bounce is attached below the seat and it's not the way as in the three products above where the seat hangs from three springs attached to three side bars. Other features are quite similar like seat rotates 360 along with toys around with music and sounds. So if your baby is active than consider buying this below no.4.

4) Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Froggy Entertainer

There is a different kind of baby bouncer as no.5 below. This is also affixed on the ground with three legs and can be held quite sturdy on the ground. There is a bouncy pad attached to three legs of this baby entertainer which acts as the platform to make baby's feet to rest on it. The platform can be lowered or raised with the help of pegs so that baby's feet can rest on them if some babies fall short or long of the platform. But in this item the bouncing activity is not that of high quality as here the baby bounces only by pushing the bounce pad from his feet while in 1,2 and 3 above the seat is actually bouncy which adds to more fun. Other features are however quite similar. Best of all its much cheaper than no.1 to no.4 as above. This is an option for you if you have a limited budget on your buying day.

5) Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

Now it may be that you need a bouncer for your child who has grown to walking toddler than just the baby. In that case no.1 recommendation is the no.6 below. This is a bouncer in the shape of a zebra where your child can sit and after raising himself a bit can hit the seat downward from his hips and the seat will rebound (after being forced downward by toddler) with the help of the spring under the seat giving a bounce to the toddler. As he bounces he will like this and so he will repeat to push the seat downward again to get another bounce and in the process will enjoy bouncing fun. The seat can also rotate 360 causing the toddler to spin (move around while sitting). If you need in different color consider buying no.7 below in pink color.

6) Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra
7) Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra Pink

If you need a similar bouncer toy for toddlers as no.6 above but with cheaper prices than you should consider buying this no.8 below. This is in the shape of a turtle and looks very very cute. However it only bounces and does not spin like the no.6 zebra bouncer above. Also the bouncing is not much of high quality that means it hardly bounces. But this is educational in the sense that it teaches shapes, numbers 1-3 and colours while the no.6 above has only music and sound effects. But still this cannot be neglected considering prices are so less and the brand is well known as Vtech.

8) VTech Animal Fun Bounce Time Turtle

If you need great bouncing fun for your children above 3 years than you can also buy products like the no.9 below. It's an inflatable ball hopper toy which has very durable construction and manufactured by Mookie Toys. It's very very cheap and so affordable for everyone. The ball has a handle which the child would hold on while sitting on the ball. The child will hop up and down while playing with it and that's what the great fun is. You will need a pump to inflate which is not supplied with the purchase.

9) Mookie Peppa Pig Sit n Bounce

Watch the video below to see this product in action

You can also take the bouncing fun to the whole new level for your children by getting them the most wanted inflatable bounce on toys by Happy Hopperz. These bounce on toys however are not in the ball shape as no.9 above but these are in the shapes of different animals (like horse, pig, dog, cow etc) with different colors. While buying you can decide which animal character is your favorite and than go for it. Animal Shape is the only difference in all the Happy Hopperz inflatable toys. You will find your kids jumping all around the home with the help of these awesome animal toys. Don't ever thing that they would get broke as these are so tough.

10) Happy Hopperz Green Horse Bouncer

Check this video to see Happy Hopperz toys in action

Hope the review would help in some way if not fully.

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