Which are the best Farm Playsets to Buy?

A farm is an area of land specifically built for the production of food (like grains, produce) through agriculture or rearing of animals (livestock) and usually a farm also contains a building to store the food produced and to manage it. A farm with a building is often termed as farm house. There are a lot of playsets related to farm house in the online marketplace. The age of your child is very important to decide which one would be best for your child.

If your child is still a toddler I would recommend buying this no.1 as below which is a great eco friendly farm playset made from wood. For all the great pretend play this playset contains everything which you can imagine in a farm setting like wooden figures of various animals (like cow, pig, horse, hen, cat, dog etc), different enclosures or houses for all the different animals, a working windmill, tractor toy, trees, figures of farmer and his wife and more. If you are a fan of wooden farm playsets also consider buying no.1a which is also from Bigjigs but its on the expensive side.

1) Bigjigs Wooden Play Farm
1a) Bigjigs Toys Heritage Playset Meadow Farm

However the no.1 and no.1a above does not require batteries and only good for pretend play. Toddlers however love toys which actually make cute noises so that they can enjoy and they are not much concerned with pretend play. If that is the case consider buying this below no.2 from Fisher Price. Most exciting features of this playset is that there are different compartments made for different animals in the farm house set and each compartment makes a different realistic noise, according to, which particular animal the compartment belongs to. Noises are made when you open the gate of each animal compartment or press a button in some cases. Noises exactly resemble the noises of real life animals. The 5 animal figures are also included in the playset. This is a very sturdy playset made from plastic and that is how it differ from the no.1 above which is made from wood.

2) Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

If no.1 and no.2 above proved to be expensive than consider buying no.3 below which is cheaper than above two and it's also good for toddlers. This farm playset looks gorgeous and is made from rigid plastic so it's high quality with total of 71 pieces to be assembled. The toy tractor vehicle is its major attraction which can be moved around the farm setting. Brand manufacturing it is Mookie which is still not much a popular brand though. All the animal and human figures are included in the set. No.3a could be another choice for a similar toy playset as no.3 below and from Mookie only.

3) Abrick Farm Play Set
3a) Ecoiffier Abrick Carry Case Farm

If you are not concerned with prices and can afford an expensive farm theme playset which actually is much better than all the above (from 1 to 3) than consider buying this no.4 below. This most modern looking farm theme sturdy and colorful playset from Fisher Price involves a lot of activities and require batteries to operate. Batteries must be inserted first before start using the playset. Mickey and Minnie figures are the major attraction of this playset which dances on the dance floor with the press of a button and also play different country style music. Cute and chunky animal ball figures also makes good grip with the little hands of the toddlers. The major activity the playset performs (see video below) is when one of the animal balls is placed in the silo it can be elevated upwards with Mickey's small hand and made to fall in Mickey's bigger hand. Once landed on the Mickey's bigger hand, the bigger hand automatically will move the ball and drop it on to the windmill and thus making the windmill to rotate. There is also a cheaper version (no.5 below) of this no.4 playset which works somewhat different as no.4 but almost its replica and it's much cheaper than no.4.

4) Fisher-Price Mickey's Farm Playset
5) Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey's Farm Playset

Watch this below video to see this activity in action as in no.4

If you need farm playsets for children above 3 years (not toddlers) than best choice would be to buy them in Playmobil brand which is world's best brand for pretend play sets. There are so many farm playsets already in Playmobil brand. If you need the biggest and most expensive farm playset you should definitely consider buying no.6 below. This is a huge playset to give hours and hours of fun but it takes lot of time for the assembly which would make your child extremely busy. This does not run on batteries and only good for pretend play. This huge playset from Playmobil comes with 18 assorted farm animals, 2 Playmobil farmers, fencing and over 70 accessories for all the great imaginative play.

6) Playmobil - Mega Farm Set 4055

But if you need something cheaper and also big at the same time consider buying these no.7 and no.8 playsets from Playmobil. These two below are highly recommended as a farm house plasyets with decent price and of great quality and also quite big at the same time. But still they are not as big as the no.6 above. No.7 is good if you need a farm setting where you can sell the goods produced in the farm like fruits, vegetables, grains etc. You will get all the toys you need to create the scene of a marketplace in the farm. Major attraction of no.8 playset is that children can utilize the working winch to help load all of the supplies into the barn. This would be most exciting for the children.

7) Playmobil 5120 Farm House with Market
8) Playmobil 1.2.3 6750 Large Farm

Here is one more very good and huge Playmobil playset (no.9 below) if you need prices half that of no.6 (the biggest playset) but rather double the prices of no.7 and no.8 above. Best thing about this playset is that you will also get a milking machine toy which is a type of suction apparatus for milking cows and goats mechanically instead of using the hands. Also the solar panels used in this playset are a unique concept.

9) Playmobil 5119 Barn with Silo

Finally it comes to LEGO brand when you decide to buy a farm playset. The specialty of LEGO is that here you will be provided with lots and lots of small and big pieces of plastic blocks which need to be fixed together the right way to create the whole set depicting a farm scene. In Playmobil you mostly arrange the figures and toys at proper places to create the scene of a farm house though some structures of walls need to be put together to create the building. In LEGO however there is lot of building and construction involved for the complete formation of the playset. LEGO is more better to make your child busy in some sort of creativity. Consider buying no.10 below if you need a LEGO farm playset with total 68 pieces to be put together. However this is on the expensive side. No.11 below would be more better if you need something cheaper and highly rated with all positive reviews. This would however be small playset from LEGO. No.12 below is another LEGO set to be considered as this is a big playset and cheaper than no.10.

10) LEGO Duplo Legoville Big Farm (5649)
11) LEGO DUPLO 6141: My First Farm
12) LEGO City 7637 Farm

If you need something good quality and damn cheap no.13 below is best choice which is from trusted Mega Bloks brand.

13) Mega Bloks Blok Town Buildable Farm

Hope the review would help in some way. There are many other playsets related to farm in the online marketplace but the mentioned above are most popular and rated with mostly positive ratings by the customers.

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