What are the best Sports Shoes available for Women?

Women Shoes
Till a last few years, sports fashion world was pretty apprehensive in introducing lines of shoes and other accessories which were dedicated only to the fairer sex of the society. Women were forced to sneak in the bright colored shoes of men's fit. But things changed and later companies started to design sports footwear sets which were authentically made for women with keeping their physical construction in mind. These new shoes not only helped females of the world in polishing their athletic performances but also kept them fit for regular events.

Women sports shoes are available in different categories, ranging from jog trainers and gym shoes to fitness footwear. If you are also longing for a great pair of sports shoes but not able to make your mind, this article can help you a bit. It offers information on some of the best sports footwear available for women.

Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 Best suited for women with flat arch and normal arch feet, this shoe is termed as one of the best performance footwear ever designed for women. In a saddle like construction, this shoe is great for every purpose whether you want to keep jogging or thinking of sweating it out in a gym. To tempt the fashionable woman inside you, it is launched in attractive shades such as delectable yellow and bubbly pink. This pair of shoes is available for $ 110 or so at amazon.com.

K-Swiss Kwicky QT2 K-Swiss is one brand that has stormed the world of athletics. K-swiss Kwicky QT2 is company's latest release which is designed to offer maximum comfort to female athletes by keeping their feet in natural form. And, its design is an addition which also turns it into a great shoe to pair with jeans. The Amazon.com price tag of these sneakers quotes in the range $70 to $150. Here is full range of women shoes at K-swiss.

Reebok Women's Real Flex Transition Shoes - Honored as the Numero Uno footwear in the category of women's cross- training shoes, Reebok RealFlex Transition shoes has every feature that can entice you. With manmade sole, upper mesh design, weightlessness and ability to add stability reinforcement, Real Flex Transition footwear makes your training more comfortable than ever. Available in rainbow colors such as Mono, Pink, White and Sun Rock, these shoes fit in your budget too, as its cost varies between $ 39 to 100.

Adidas Women's Adipure Trainer 360 Shoes If you love to be barefoot while jogging or training, this lightweight shoe is designed to make you live your wish in a safer way. Sporting flex grooves on sole, Adipure Trainer 360 fits in feet like socks which gives you a natural feeling ensuring maximum comfort. Get these pair of shoes for $ 47 at official Adidas website.

Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 With a design and look that will immediately steal your heart, this striking pair of sneakers is considered great for road training. It offers plush cushioning to softer feet of females as well as keeps your mid-foot in a glove like compartment which allows to you to continue with your run and lateral moves for long. Its online price starts from $94.99 but varies in different websites. Women loves it more due to its striking color combination, as Nike Lunar Eclipse +2 women shoes are designed by intermixing solid colors with brighter shades.

Under Armor Charge RC for Women A revolutionary product in the section of fast running shoes, these sneakers have stirred headlines due to their unbelievable weight. Weighing less than 10 ounces, Under Armor Charge RC encourages natural flexes in your feet while its 4D foam sockliner makes your running experience slip-free. And to keep the level of irritation, it sports a low ankle design which does not wearer feel that she is running with shoes on. Since, the women always likes to be draped in brighter hues, this shoe is designed in assortment of colors to keep the feminine side of a woman athlete alive and running. Its price range starts from $90.

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